Electronic Flushing Operators

by Sloan

Sloan's side-mount auto flush valve operators improve the hygiene of your bathroom stalls, save water and are ADA compliant. Convert your manual exposed toilet and urinal flushometers into handicap-friendly, hygienic, sensor-operated valves. PlumbingSupply.com® is your source for Sloan's impressive line of commercial products.

Side Mount Flush Operators
Flushometer Retrofit Unit for Toilets & Urinals

image of the handicap friendly Sloan auto flush operator
Manual valves on stall-mounted toilets or urinals are one of those things no one wants to touch to flush. Additionally, they can sometimes feel difficult to reach for the disabled or elderly. Convert your existing manual flushometers into ADA Compliant, sensor operated valves, making restrooms easier to use and keep clean. With an easy-to-clean metal cover, low battery light notification, and a hidden volume adjustment, most installations experience fewer maintenance calls and better water conservation, which means an overall lowering of operation costs as well. Ideally suited for Sloan's Royal and Regal lines of diaphragm flushometers, these units install easily onto existing flushometers with no water shutoff required. Even the 4 standard size C batteries are included.
See an example of urinal installation.

EBV-89A-M Flushometer Retrofit Operator = $290.94

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These items are special order only and usually ship within 2 weeks.

Battery Powered Sloan OPTIMA® SMOOTH
Flushometer Retrofit Unit For Toilets And Urinals

example of an installed Sloan EBV-200-A handicap friendly hands-free operator valve
Add hands free operation to your existing toilet and urinal flushometers to increase cleanliness, decrease maintenance costs, and save water. Battery powered ADA Compliant valve operator installs on manual toilet or urinal flushometers for a sensor activated flushometer wherever you need it. Aside from the standard automatic operation mode, the Sentinel Flush Mode works to keep the fixture fresh during periods of nonuse. This model also features a "Low Battery" flashing LED warning, as well as a "User in View" flashing LED notification and automatic range adjustment. Mechanical manual override flush handle is included "just in case." Chrome plated and vandal resistant metal sensor housing uses an included 1/8" ball-type hex key. Installs in minutes: simply slide the unit over the flushometer handle and tighten the clamp. Designed for a 25-80psi operating range, it works right out of the box, even including the necessary 4 standard size C batteries, and does not require turning off water to the valve.

EBV-200-A Battery Powered Flushometer Retrofit Kit = $334.83

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Please note: Flushometer Retrofit Unit does not include the valve body, supply stop or vacuum breaker.

Battery Powered Sloan OPTIMA® SMOOTH
Flushometer Retrofit Unit For Toilets And Urinals

photo of the Sloan EL-600-A sensor operated flush valve operator, shown as installed
Want a sensor operated flushometer without the hassle of changing batteries? Sloan has created a hardwired sensor activated flushometer retrofit kit. This chrome plated ADA Compliant design means no more shoving at the flushometer handle, resulting in cleaner restrooms and less maintenance.
The Sentinel Flush Mode even helps keep the fixture fresh during periods of nonuse. And since the kit is vandal resistant, water savings typically increase as operation costs decrease. Even better, the kit works right out of the box and installs in minutes. Simply slide the unit over the flushometer handle and tighten the clamp; no need to turn off water to the valve!
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Model Description Price & Quantity
EL-600-A AC Powered, Sensor Activated Retrofit Unit for Exposed Water Closets (Toilets) and Urinal Flushometers (Please note: a transformer is not included and must be purchased separately below) $385.85
EL-451 Replacement transformer for the #EL-600-A - 120VAC - box mount
(will operate up to 8 units)

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Sloan Retrofit Unit Operation

1. A continuous, invisible light beam is emitted from the SMOOTH unit's Infrared Sensor.
example of infrared sensor operation

2. When the user enters the sensor's effective range, the Red LED light in the sensor window flashes for eight seconds. After eight seconds of sensing the user, the light will stop flashing and the unit waits for the user to step away before initiating a flush cycle.
example of users within the sensor's effective range

3. When the user steps away, the unit initiates a flush cycle. The unit then automatically resets and is ready for the next user.
example of unit once it resets and is ready for the next user

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Is the valve included with these operators?"
A. No, this is a kit for converting existing flushometers and so is the operator only, not the entire valve. The operator installs on existing flushometers and is designed to work particularly well with the Sloan Royal and Regal style toilet and urinal flushometers.

Q. "Will these ADA compliant flush valve conversion kits allow manual flushing?"
A. While all of these Sloan retrofit kits are built for reliability and have long-lasting sensor operation, they also have manual overrides, "just in case."

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