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Whirlaway 191 Disposer Replacement Parts

by Anaheim Manufacturing

Looking for a ring support or an outlet elbow? You'll find it here on®! When you need replacement parts for your Whirlaway disposer, we have what you're looking for. Looking for other Whirlaway products? Check here.

Whirlaway Gourmet Custom Series - Model 191
Item # Description Price & Quantity
1 Stopper #174C068P01 - available with splash guard only shown below (1-2) see item 1-2
2 Splash guard only - #614C069P01 $5.53
1-2 Basic stopper + splash guard #027C036S01 $8.11
3 OEM Sink flange - Plain - available ONLY in mount assembly (1-8) below Discontinued
Alternative sink flange - Deluxe - Chrome - other designer finishes available $80.73
4 Sink flange rubber gasket - thin (included with mounting kit 1-8) $2.76
"Will-Fit" Sink flange rubber gasket - thick (not included with mounting kit 1-8) $2.62
5 Fiber Gasket $2.70
6 Ring Support $4.91
7 Mount Ring Discontinued
8 Cushion mount ring $4.60
1-8 Mount assembly - includes items 1-8
(plain sink flange , basic stopper and splash guard included)
- Please Note: #4 THIN gasket included with this kit
9 & 10 Outlet Flange & 2 Screws
- Note: Only available in the Elbow & Gasket kit below (9-12)
11 Outlet Elbow Discontinued
Outlet alternative - straight 12" tailpiece - more tailpiece sizes available
- Note: outlet gasket sold separately below
12 Rubber Outlet Gasket $2.59
9-12 Outlet Drain Elbow & Gasket Kit - Includes items 9-12 (from above) $8.79
13 Grind Ring Discontinued
14 Drain Housing Discontinued
15 Thrust Washer Discontinued
16 Water Seal Discontinued
17 Spacer Seal Discontinued
18 Slinger Discontinued
19 O-Ring Discontinued
20 Turntable Discontinued
21 Hopper Assembly - Tall Discontinued
22 Hopper Screw - 4 required per unit, sold each* $2.35
23 Washer Discontinued
24 Armature Assembly Discontinued
25 Motor Stud Discontinued
26 Motor Stud Discontinued
27 Motor Shell Assembly Discontinued
28 Endbell Discontinued
29 Motor Brush & Brush Spring Assembly Discontinued
30 Hex Nut - 2 required per unit, sold each* $2.35
31 Inspection Plate $4.56
32 Nut for Inspection Plate Discontinued
33 Shell Screw - 3 required per unit Discontinued
34 Lower Shell Discontinued

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I've heard that garbage disposers waste harms septic tanks. Any truth to that?"
A. We have yet to read any study that reflects that. Some cities have banned disposers and then, later changed their minds and allowed them, such as New York. From what we know, food disposer waste gets consumed by bacteria in sewage treatment plants and septic tanks.

Q. "I installed my new disposer into a stainless steel sink but the thin gasket I used that came with the disposer keeps the flange slightly raised above the inside of the sink. Small amounts of water do collect around the flange. Should I have used plumbers putty?"
A. Some disposal manufacturers recommend using the rubber gasket that comes with the disposer. However, other disposer manufacturers recommend using plumbers putty. We believe if the flange is properly installed using plumbers putty, the installation will provide a seal for a longer length of time than the rubber gasket. When a flange is installed with plumbers putty the putty will keep water from leaking through it. The plumbers putty will also stay pliable over time. As the sink is used water comes in contact with the plumbers putty which slowly absorbs into the putty. The water actually acts as a lubrication for the putty and helps keep it from drying out. This is why sink flanges installed with plumbers putty can function for 20 years or more without leaking. If the sink is not used for 4 months or longer the putty will begin drying out which will lead to leakage when the sink is again used. If you have more confidence in using the rubber gasket and can live with small amounts of water left in your sink, then by all means use the rubber gasket.

Q. "My garbage disposer smells! Is there anything that I can do besides buying a new one?"
A. Generally the simple solution to this is to clean the disposer by having it grind up a few cups of ice and some table salt. This helps to cut the grease and slime off the sides of the disposer. Then flush it out with cold water followed by half of a lemon or lime to deodorize.

It is the opinion of our Founder Vic that garbage disposers are not garbage cans, therefore, should not be used as such. Most potatoes peels, carrots and the like will not get chopped up well (with any brand), and can help clog your drain lines. He feels that food (garbage) disposers should be used sparingly. Much of what goes into your drains eventually has to be removed by sewage treatment facilities or be dealt with by some system.

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