Clog Buster Drain Cleaning Tools

The Cherne Clog Buster is an easy and effective way to get rid of annoying clogs in most standard drain types. Using only water pressure, it's a safer, healthier alternative to chemical solutions.

Unclog drains the quick, easy, and safe way!

water pressure clog and drain and trap busters - cleaners
  • Uses cold water under pressure to clear clogged drain pipes quickly and safely
  • Simply attach to a standard garden hose (3/4" hose thread), place in the drain, and turn on the water!
  • Rubber head expands to seal off pipe, while water is forced through a small opening to break up the clog
  • Non-toxic - no chemicals to harm you or the environment
  • Economical - you won't need to call out the pros for minor clogs
  • Minimum inlet pressure: 45 PSIG / Maximum inlet pressure: 120 PSIG
  • SCB1 & SCB2 for use with 1" to 3" drains (for sinks, bathtub overflows, showers, washing machines), and waste lines up to 3"
  • SCB3 For use with 4" to 6" drains in main waste and sewer lines

Model # Description Price & Quantity
SCB1 1" to 2" $15.33
SCB2 1-1/2" to 3" $16.63
SCB3 4" to 6" $32.47

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