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SparcoZone Replacement Parts
Model Description Price & Quantity
SZ001 Valve kit replacement Discontinued
S2Z8889-RP Hydronic zone valve control panel ONLY Discontinued
See Resideo (Honeywell Home)

Hydronic / Boiler Control Panel Only

This Control Panel features:
  • Upgrade a basic relay logic zoning system to intelligent demand control
  • Ensures plenty of hot water for both space heating and domestic hot water
  • Domestic hot water priority for bathing, washing dishes or laundry
  • Overrides heating system to provide domestic hot water needs
  • Controls up to 4 single stage zones or 2 two-stage zones
  • Field expansion capability by using expansion zoning panels and modules
  • Boiler/water heater freeze protection if network communication fails
  • Output lines for zone pumps or valves
  • 120 volt AC power supply input
  • Internal 24 volt transformer for low voltage output lines
  • 58° - 230° Sensor Temperature Rating
  • 5%-90% relative humidity level (RH) non condensing operating humidity range
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The Resideo (Honeywell Home) #AQ25044B boiler control can convert single zone heating systems into intelligently controlled room by room comfort systems. When hot water is needed for washing clothes, washing dishes or bathing then the control overides the the heating system to make sure those domestic needs are met as a priority.

Model Description Price & Quantity
#AQ25044B Hydronic / Boiler Control Panel Only  $328.62

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Why does my valve chatter when closing?"
A. It may have been installed backwards. Check for proper flow direction.

Q. "My valve does not open when the thermostat closes?"
A. Check voltage between yellow and orange wires; voltage should be between 22 and 26 volts.

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