Replacement Parts for Brass Bathtub Drains

Make your bathtub overflow assembly look new with ease!® is your best source on the Internet for hard-to-find repair parts for your Price Pfister bathtub drain assembly. From gaskets and screws to waste plug assemblies and trip lever plates, we've got it! We are the best known plumbing supplier on the Internet since 1995, and have provided selection, quality, value, and customer service that is second-to-none. Bookmark our site for all of your Price Pfister plumbing-product needs!

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Replacement Parts for Brass Trip Lever Waste and Overflow
fits Price Pfister
Parts #1 thru #4
Item Click Image Description Price & Quantity
1 & 2 Price pfister overflow washer with bracket and screws 971-048 971-048
Overflow Gasket with Bracket & Screws Complete Kit
replaces #1 (949-240) and #2 (971-801) previously sold separately
3 Chrome tub drain trip lever overflow plate 10700 TRIPCHR
Budget Chrome Trip Lever Plate - Screws sold separately
3 & 4 Chrome Price Pfister trip lever plate with screws 960-041a "Will-Fit" 960-041A
Chrome Trip Lever Face Plate - Includes Screws ( 2 )
Polished brass tub drain trip lever overflow plate 10700 TRIPPB
Polished Brass Trip Lever Face Plate
Includes Screws ( 2 )
4 Chrome Price Pfister face plate screw 971-540 "Will-Fit" 971-540
Chrome Screw - 1-5/8" length - fits Price Pfister - (each)
Chrome Screws (pair) $5.85

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Parts #5 thru #10
Item Click Image Description Price & Quantity
5 Price Pfister brass nut for clevis rod 731-550 931-550
Nut for Clevis Rod - Brass
6 Price Pfister clevis assembly 972-051 972-051
Clevis Assembly (includes #5)
use item #7
7 Price Pfister brass bucket and rod assembly 972-711 972-711
Bucket and Rod Assembly
(includes #6)
Bucket rod assembly p148 P148
Bucket and Rod Assembly
(includes #6) by Briggs
8 Chrome Price Pfister grid strainer 972-700 972-700
Chrome Grid Strainer
9 Chrome Price Pfister strainer body with strainer 772-721 972-721
Waste Plug (strainer body) Assembly with Strainer
10 Price Pfister strainer body drain washer 949-310 949-310
Drain Washer for Plug Waste (strainer body) Assembly

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Parts #11 thru #15
Item Click Image Description Price & Quantity
11 Tubular poly slip join washer 1-1/2 inch 1 1/2" Poly Slip Joint Ring $0.14
12 Chrome tubular double threaded tailpiece 1-1/2inch by 8 inch - 17 Gallon TD-CH5T8
1-1/2" x 8" Chrome Threaded Tailpiece - 17 gauge
13 Zinc slip joint nut 150 budget 1 1/2 Slip Joint Nut - Budget Zinc $0.87
Chrome plated brass slip joint nut 1 1/2" Slip Joint Nut - Chrome Plated Brass $1.15
14 Price Pfister brass tub waste elbow 900-511 front and back view 900-511
"Will-fit" Waste Elbow (sweated together)
Fits 1-3/8" fine thread drain body
15 Original pasco smart dumbell 4554 Smart Dumbell Wrench
Original drain removal tool
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Like smart dumbell Dumbell Wrench - "Like" Smart Dumbell $16.95

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Hair Catching & Drain Cleaning Brush

Kitchen drain cleaning brush
This Brushtech cleaning brush features:
  • Easily remove hair clogs from sink and tub drains
  • Great for homes as well as hotels and gyms
  • Thin flexible brush bypasses push/pull and toe touch type stoppers
  • Choose standard 13" length for showers and sinks or extra long 25.5" length for sink overflows, tubs, and whirlpool baths
  • 13" OR 25.5" length x 0.5" brush diameter x 1" handle diameter
  • View how to use this brush
  • Proudly made in the USA USA flag button
Hair Catching & Drain Cleaning Brushes:
13" length - $5.89
25.5" length - $6.86
Order 12, 24, 48 or more of the same item for additional savings!
Pricing discounts will show up in your shopping cart.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Will these parts fit all waste and overflow drains?"
A. These fit some of the most common brass drains but they are only made to fit Price Pfister brand bath tub drains and they might not fit your drain.

Q. "Will a Bath Waste & Overflow prevent water from overflowing the tub if the faucet is flowing water half to full force?"
A.The overflow drain on a tub will not prevent an overflow of the tub if the tub or tub/shower valve is flowing water faster than 2 or 3 gallons per minute. The main purpose of the overflow drain on a tub is to have a place for the water to exit as water is displaced when someone enters the tub. Most people fill up a tub and turn off the water before entering the tub. Tub overflows are usually 1 1/2" diameter and are designed to normally handle 2 to 3 gallons of water per minute if the piping is clean and free of any debris or hair. Many tub or tub/shower combination valves in use today were installed before water conservation laws were passed and are capable of allowing water to flow at rates of between 6 and 35 gallons per minute depending on the type of valve installed. As you can see, a normal, gravity fed, tub overflow will not be able to keep up if the faucet is running faster than 2 or 3 gallons per minute. To prevent a tub overflow we suggest you keep watch while your tub is filling with water.

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