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Shower Dispensers Installation Guide® is pleased to offer this and other pages that provide information on plumbing products or the installation and/or care of many of the products offered on our site.

Capitan Suizo Costa Rica has Dispensers in their showers
the above dispenser in an upscale Costa Rican hotel
is what inspired our Founder to offer these shower dispensers.

These great shower dispensers are very easy to install.
An instruction sheet comes with your Dispenser, along with a warranty sheet.

Installs in minutes using supplied double-faced tape and silicone (both included).

Just take off the backing off of the double sided tape, add the silicone (supplied) and place the unit where you want the dispenser to stay. Push hard against the dispenser to ensure that all is touching your flat wall. Then wait 24 hours for the silicone to dry (do not add lotions/liquids until you have waited 24 hours for the silicone to dry). If you can't wait 24 hours before taking a shower (therefor creating possible water getting behind the shower dispenser) then put some duct tape or something above the dispenser temporarily for a few days to prevent water from touching the silicone. Just be sure to allow enough time to let the silicone dry completely.

That's it!

You're done.

No tools.

No drilling.

No wall damage (you can also install using screws if you wish).

soap lotion shower dispensers soap lotion shower dispensers

Easy to Fill.

Simply open the locking lid and pop out the chamber. Top it up and snap it back in.

soap lotion shower dispensers

Easy to Use!

Your guests will love the push-button convenience. Bold liquid identification labels make selection easy!

soap lotion shower dispensers

Quality and Reliability.

The Dispenser is a patented product which features a true pump system. The Dispenser has been engineered and manufactured to deliver even thick liquids precisely and perfectly. The pumping system has been life-cycle tested by the manufacturer to 300,000 cycles without failure. The pumps themselves carry a limited lifetime warranty (by the manufacturer) against manufacturing defects and the entire dispenser unit comes with a two year warranty by the manufacturer.

soap lotion shower dispensers
replacement parts for these wonderful dispensers

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