Bath and Shower Dispensers

Wall mount dispensers are a space-saving, money-saving, mess-saving addition to your shower or bath. With several models to choose from, the perfect accessory to add to your bathroom is right here! We haven't found a customer yet that wasn't satisfied with the quality of this fine dispenser, and believe the reason is because it is such a useful and convenient product. Need new bottles, buttons or valves? We have repair parts for these awesome dispensers too!

The Dispenser™

Put an end to clutter in the shower with these top quality wall-mounted dispensers.

Vic, our Founder, early spring of the year 2002, went on vacation in Costa Rica. One of his most memorable vacation spots was in Tamarindo (on the west coast of Costa Rica). He stayed in an ocean-front hotel called Capitan Suizo. In his deluxe room there was a big shower with a Dispenser, which Vic liked so much, that when he came back to the U.S. he contacted the manufacturer. That is why we now offer these great dispensers below. When you buy one of these quality shower dispensers you are buying the same brand dispenser that our Founder has in his own shower at home.

These great dispensers feature:
  • Very easy to install or fix with replacement parts
  • Available in an Off-White color to compliment other bathroom colors and finishes
  • Each refillable bottle holds about 15 fluid ounces
  • Has individual pop-out chambers for easy filling
  • Labels in a variety of languages - ideal for hotels, spas, gyms, or other public restrooms

Description Finish Price & Quantity
Single Compartment Dispenser White $18.45
Four Compartment Dispenser White $33.27

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Replacement Parts

These items are designed to fit all of the dispensers on this page

Item Description Price & Quantity
Replacement Bottle Replacement Bottle with Pump & Valve
Save time by having replacement bottles ready to install!
Having extra bottles filled will save your staff time and you money by simply switching out the empty bottles and taking them back to your service area to be refilled and with less chance of making a mess by spilling in the room
Replacement Valve Replacement Pump & Valve ONLY $2.19
replacement white and chrome push button Replacement WHITE Push Button $1.59
Replacement CHROME Push Button $2.29

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Save money AND help save our environment. Buy in bulk at your local co-op, etc. and fill your dispensers instead of buying throw-away little plastic bottles.

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