Learn how to easily secure your new body wash or shampoo dispenser to your shower wall for convenient reach and eco‐friendly use.

How to Install a Shower Soap/Shampoo Dispenser

Engineered for precise soap and shampoo delivery — no matter how thick the liquid — these patented dispensers feature a pump system with a limited lifetime warranty (the rest of the unit carries a 2 year warranty). Uncluttering your tub/shower with one of these convenient contraptions isn't hard at all — you won't even need any tools! Instructions are included with each dispenser, but if you've lost them or you're just curious, here you go!

Plan ahead! The silicone used to attach these dispensers to the wall requires a curing time of 24 hours, which means you won't be able to use the shower. Use another bathroom, make alternate plans, or use extra deodorant!

Step 1
Choose the mounting location carefully, making sure that there will be enough room above the unit to remove and refill the soap/shampoo containers. If children will be using it, will they be able to reach? Will adults need to bend down too low? Once you've decided on the perfect location, remove the dispenser chambers from the mounting plate.

Pro Tip: Some dispensers will allow for corner installation, provided the corner is square. If your dispenser allows for corner installation, test it out first by holding the mounting plate against the corner — the two outer panels of the plate must make full, flush contact with each wall.

Step 2
The mounting surface must be clean and dry in order for the tape to stick and the silicone to fully cure. Use rubbing alcohol and a rag to remove film, soap scum, deposits and whatever else from the wall. Installing on fiberglass? Use nail polish remover (acetone) instead — it will get rid of the waxy residue often left over from the fiberglass molding process.

Step 3
Your dispenser may have double‐sided tape already on the back of the mounting plate, or you may need to apply it yourself to the four corners of the mounting plate that will be making contact with the wall. The tape is what will hold the unit in place while the silicone cures. With the tape in place on the plate, remove the backing to reveal the adhesive.

Step 4
A tube of silicone is included with your dispenser: squeeze all of it out in a wavy bead along the length of each panel of the plate that will be making contact with the wall (between the tape).

Step 5
Press the mounting plate against the wall and hold firmly for one minute. Some silicone may find its way out of the holes of the plate — this is normal.

Pro Tip: For corner installations, it's recommended that you put the dispenser chambers back onto the mounting plate before sticking the mounting plate on the wall — this should help prevent any twisting of the plate during installation. Once the plate is in place, remove the chambers again and hold the plate firmly against the wall for one minute, as above.

Step 6
After a minute, you can walk away…for 24 hours. This will ensure the silicone is fully cured, and that you have secure adhesion to the bath/shower wall that will support the weight of a full dispenser. As noted above, the shower should not be used during this time. If somebody absolutely needs to bathe, a bath is best. If there's only a shower available, you could cover the edges of the dispenser with waterproof tape (blocking water from getting behind the unit), taking great care to avoid splashing the area during the shower. This is not recommended (as it could prevent the silicone from curing), but if you need the shower…

Step 7
Once the silicone has cured, you can fill up the chambers and reattach them to the mounting plate.

Step 8
Before you're able to use the dispenser, you'll need to prime the pump. With the chambers freshly filled, press and hold the dispenser button. Plug the spout with your finger, then release the button. Then remove your finger. Repeat until a flow is established. You're now ready to go!

 Downloadable instructions specific to your dispenser model are right here!

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