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Shower Track Rods

These innovative track-style shower rods allow free movement of the shower curtain. Great for tubs, whirlpool tubs and shower areas where you want uninterrupted shower curtain movement, free from ceiling support obstructions.

L-Shaped Track Rods

only need one long shower curtain for your clawfoot tub and showers
  • Measures 58" to the first cut, with a 3" bevel and 26" to the wall
  • Comes with 24 EZ-glide plastic pins, wall flanges, mounting hardware and 36" ceiling support (can be cut to fit)
  • Trak Rods can be cut to accommodate smaller spaces or use extenders (sold below) to make the rods longer
  • Available in both left-hand and right-hand installations
  • Available in Matte Aluminum or GoldenRod finish (more options below)
  • View installation instructions

Description Matte Aluminum GoldenRod
Right Hand Corner L-Shaped Track Rod $69.28 $79.18
Trak Rod 12" Extension (comes with one connector) $9.95 $9.97
Additional Track Rod Parts
Trak Rod Connector ONLY $3.99
Trak Rod Glide Pins (set of 12) - semi transparent $7.95
Trak Rod Glide Pins (set of 12) - yellow/gold $7.98

Please note: Rods that have been cut or otherwise modified are non-returnable.

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Straight Shower Curtain Track Rod

6' Trak Rod with flanges and glide pins - Matte Aluminum finish = $59.89

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Ceiling Mounted Shower Curtain Track Rods

example of right corner L-style ceiling mounted shower curtain track installation
  • Removes bar from across the shower, visually opening up space in the bathroom and making your bathroom feel larger
  • Virtually maintenance-free, the extruded aluminum shower curtain track is durable, long-lasting, and will not rust/corrode
  • Ideal as a shower door alternative - saves space and up to 90% cost savings over glass doors
  • Included nylon rollers and hooks allow shower curtain to glide easily, even around corners
  • Chain extensions are available to lower your shower curtain up to 18" below the ceiling. Extensions may be cut to desired length
  • Securely anchors directly to ceiling
  • Track rod width: 1-3/8" x 3/4"
  • Includes everything you need to hang your curtain: tracking (and end-caps where needed), hooks and rollers, screws, drywall anchors, and step-by-step instructions
  • Available in a variety of shapes to suit nearly every shower configuration

These Ceiling Mounted Shower Curtain Tracks are Proudly Made in the USA USA flag button
Description Dimensions # Hooks White Enamel Brushed Aluminum
Straight Shower Curtain Track 58-1/2" 12 $58.94 $58.88
L-Shaped Left Side Shower Track
Short side of L on the left side
60" x 32" 18 $117.23 $117.94
L-Shaped Right Side Shower Track
Short side of L on the right side
60" x 32" 18 $117.56 $117.82
Large U-Shaped Shower Track 60" x 36" x 60" 30 $199.85 $199.62
Small U-Shaped Shower Track 32" x 60" x 32" 24 $176.98 $176.78
Oval Shower Curtain Track 36" x 60" 36 $282.02 $282.22
Large Neo-Angle Shower Track 30" x 42" x 30" 24 $165.41 $165.89
Medium Neo-Angle Shower Track 26" x 40" x 26" 18 $152.91 $153.37
Small Neo-Angle Shower Track 21-1/2" x 29" x 21-1/2" 18 $127.47 $127.42

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Extensions for above Ceiling Mounted Shower Tracks
Each extension includes 1 Each splicer connector

Description White Enamel Brushed Aluminum
Track Rod Extension - 12" $12.70 $12.71
Track Rod Extension - 24" $25.40 $25.47
Chain Extension Only
Use these to lower your shower curtain up to 18" below the ceiling
18" Stainless steel chain with aluminum hook
- includes plastic roller axial
- sold individually, may be cut to desired length, not returnable if modified

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Extra Large Oversized Shower Curtains

These extra large nylon shower curtains feature:
  • Extra tall height is perfect for ceiling mount track style shower rods, and works great in locker rooms, shared showers, etc.
  • Durable water-repellent and mildew-resistant 100% nylon fabric construction
  • Rust-proof metal grommets (approx. 6" apart) can be used with your existing glide pins (or you can purchase new ones here) - will also fit most types of shower curtain rings if needed
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning, or just wash down regularly with soap and water
  • Your choice of white, parchment, champagne, or white with micro-mesh upper panel for increased light and air circulation
  • Heavy chain weight sewn into bottom hem to help hold the curtain down

Proudly made in the USA USA flag button
Length 72" Wide
(12 Grommets)
108" Wide
(18 Grommets)
144" Wide
(24 Grommets)
216" Wide
(36 Grommets)
82" tall
86" tall
93" tall
99" tall
111" tall

Please note: These are VERY LARGE shower curtains. Please make sure you compare measurements and verify that this is the size you need before purchasing. Shower curtains are non-returnable if opened.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Can the L-style Track Rod be adjusted in dimension (either shorter/longer or wider/narrower)?"
A. Yes, the rods can be modified by cutting to shorten or using extenders (and extra connectors when necessary) to lengthen or widen. Shortening or lengthening the L-style Track Rod is easy, you simply cut to desired dimensions or add the appropriate length extender section to the ends of the rod to lengthen. The extenders that are offered separately come with one connector only, so you may - depending on the changes you are making - need additional connectors. Please note: This item is nonreturnable if cut.

Q. "How do I know if I need a left or right side L-shaped shower rod?"
A. A left-hand tub means the bathtub drain is on the left side when facing the tub. The L-shaped shower rod you will need is the right side because the short section side of the L-shaped rod will be installed on the right side when facing the tub. A right-hand tub means the bathtub drain is on the right side when facing the tub. In this case the L-shaped shower rod you will need is the left side because the short section side of the L-shaped rod will be installed on the left side when facing the tub.

L shaped rod left and right side explanation

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