L-Style Trak Rod Installation

Trak Rod parts
  1. Installation is easiest (should be) when done by two people.
  2. Bend the rod 90 degrees toward the open side of notches
  3. At this step it is important to check that rod when installed, will form a perfect 90 degree angle at the bend. The brackets can be moved or the trak rod shortened, if necessary, to help achieve this if your walls are not squared.
  4. Install the mounting brackets on the wall.*
  5. The brackets should be mounted level and at a height that will allow your shower curtain to hang just below the rim of the tub. They should be installed so that the center of the bracket lines up with inner lip of tub so that your curtain will hang straight.
  6. Before attaching the brackets to your wall take the bent trak rod and check to make sure that the "L" shaped trak rod will fit in the location you want.
  7. Take the long side of your trak rod and insert it into the proper bracket to determine how much if any of the rod has to be trimmed.
  8. Measure the excess carefully and cut with hacksaw or other metal cutting device.**
  9. Now place the short side of your trak rod in its proper bracket.
  10. Measure and cut short the side of your shower rod if necessary.**
  11. With the shower rod in the wall brackets, insert the ceiling support rod with its threaded part facing the ceiling through the top of your shower rod.
  12. Mark on ceiling the point where the ceiling support touched. Keep in mind that the ceiling support rod should be at a 90 degree angle to the bent rod.
  13. After marking the contact point, attach the ceiling support flange to ceiling. The center of the ceiling support flange should line up with the contact point.
  14. Place the bent corner rod into the wall brackets and then insert the ceiling support rod into the hole in the bent rod and attach the other end to the ceiling flange. Now adjust the collar on ceiling support rod until shower rod is horizontal. Cut off any excess support rod, install shower glide pins and finally reassemble ceiling support rod into flange.

Note: Overall dimensions of the track rods can be changed. Cut the trak rod sections, add or remove trak.

* - This unit comes with wood screws and anchors, but you may need to use other types of anchors depending on your particular application.

** - Please note that shower rods that have been cut, or bent are non-returnable.

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