Kohler Flush Valve Breakdown

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Kohler flush valve breakdown diagram

Parts for Obsolete Kohler Flush Valve #30679 (9360)

Item Part # Description Price & Quantity
A -- Nut Discontinued
B -- Tube Discontinued
C -- Collar Discontinued
D -- Screw Discontinued
E K2-51104 Disc Discontinued
F -- Spacer Discontinued
G K2-51116 Base Discontinued
H K2-51113 Disc $4.98
I K2-51105 Washer Discontinued
J K2-51114 Washer Discontinued
K K2-51153 Nut Discontinued
L K2-51115 Seat $46.02
M K2-51103 Gasket Discontinued
N -- Screw Discontinued
O -- Nut Discontinued
  K2-30281 Attachment Kit (contains 3ea of N & O) Discontinued

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