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Laser Emitterline Information

The Laser-Drilled Emitter line consists of 1/4" od drip tubing with laser drilled holes every 9". These holes are drilled backwards, away from the direction of flow - the tubing is marked as to the correct direction - so the water seeps out of the holes. At 20 psi it will produce approximately 2.3 gph per foot.

Garden Watering

Parallel lines are shown watering a small vegetable garden. You can use 1/4" couplings to connect to .700 supply tubing

Larger Trees

For larger trees, a loop can be made off the .700 supply tubing.

Watering Plant Boxes

Planter boxes and pots can be watered with it. An in-line valve can be used to adjust the discharge rate or to isolate certain pots.

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