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Drip Bubblers Information

Drip Bubbler
The adjustable MAXI-FLO Bubbler is a six outlet, pressure compensating emitter. Water is transferred to the plant through distribution tubing. It has a 1/2" female threaded base and screws onto a standard 1/2" nipple. The discharge rate/outlet remains constant regardless of how many outlets are used. It also allows each outlet to be varied independently to achieve the optimum flow rate to a specific plant. The flow can be adjusted from 0 gph (shutoff) to a maximum of 20 gph.

The MAXI-FLO can be used for new installations or for retrofits. The 1/2" Fips inlet allows it to easily attach to a 1/2" nipple in an underground PVC system. The MAXI-FLO is pressure compensating and can be used in the 20 to 80 psi range.

Typical Bubbler Layout

Typical Bubbler Layout

MAXI-FLO Discharge Rate - Fully Open

20 psi 30 psi 40 psi 50 psi 60 psi 70 psi 80 psi
16.4 gph 19.0 gph 22.1 gph 25.0 gph 26.7 gph 27.4 gph 28.2 gph

Quick Installation Tips:

Tubing on a stakeThe end of the tubing may be secured by a support stake. The bug plug prevents insects from entering the tubing.
Buried Tubing
The distribution tubing can also be buried with just the emission point, and the optional bug plug, above the surface

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