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Are you looking for a well pressure switch, a pitless adapter, foot valves or other well parts? We've got them! PlumbingSupply.com® is a great source for hard-to-find well parts and thousands of other plumbing-related products. Plus you'll find that we offer the best selection on the Net and have since 1995.

Well Pump Pressure Switches

Standard pump switch

Standard Well Pressure Switch

Part # Factory Set PSI Price & Quantity
20-40 $34.77
30-50 $23.82
40-60 $27.64
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Low cutoff pressure switch

Well Switch with Low Cut-Off

Part # Factory Set PSI Price & Quantity
20-40 $44.38
30-50 $33.49
40-60 $39.67
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Heavy duty pressure switch

Heavy Duty Well Switch

Part # Factory Set PSI Price & Quantity
40-60 $66.26
Single Phase: 110v up to 2hp, 220v up to 3hp
Poly phase: 220v up to 5hp
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Air Ejector Control For Deep Well Water Systems
releases air only, submersible pumps only, 1-1/4"NPT

Pressure Release Valve Adjustment:
  • The HARVARD® plastic deep well air release is factory set at 25 psi
  • Max release valve pressure setting is 40 psi - Min setting is 0 psi
  • Pressure setting is increased by turning the adjusting screw clockwise, and lowered by turning the adjusting screw counterclockwise
  • One full rotation of the adjusting screw changes the setting by 5 psi
How the HARVARD® release valve works:
  • Excessive air in a non-bladder style tank will continue to lower the water level in the tank to the extent of discharging air into the service line
  • As the water level is lowered, the deep well air release float is also lowered, opening the release valve
  • This allows the excess air to bleed out of the tank until the release valve setting is reached (Factory set at 25 psi)
  • As the pressure in the tank lowers to the cut-in setting of the pressure switch (usually 20 psi), the pump starts and forces water and air into the tank until the pressure has reached the cut-out setting of the pressure switch (usually 40 psi)
  • As the water level rises, it raises the float which closes the release valve before the water level reaches the valve; a process that is repeated as the pump cycles
HARVARD® Plastic Deep Well Air Release - HAE1 = $30.47
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Air Volume Controls

Model Description Price & Quantity
AC100 American Granby Air Charger for Jet Systems - adds air only, for shallow non-submersible pumps only, fits tanks up to 82 gallons $19.66 Enter a quantity and
AV100IND Brady Air Volume Control for Jet, Centrifugal, or Rotary Pumps - adds air only, non-repairable, shallow non-submersible pumps only $35.34 Enter a quantity and
F93B1C Johnson Air Volume Control for Deep Wells - adds air only, non-repairable, 1/4" gauge tap $31.79 Enter a quantity and

Double Tapped Check Valves

Double tapped check valve ports can be used for many purposes in submersible pump applications. Conveniently add a pressure gauge, snifter valve, pressure switch, or use as an inlet for adding chemicals.
All valves are made of durable brass with 1/8" inlet, 1/4" outlet taps
Description Size Price & Quantity
Double Tapped Check Valve USA flag button
Suitable for use with potable water
3/4" $40.55
1" $47.45
1-1/4" $65.42
1-1/2" $68.83
2" $162.75
2-1/2" $419.77
3" $773.64
4" $703.16 Enter a quantity and

Snifter Valve - Long Pattern

Fits onto tapped check valve inlets to provide an air inlet for bladderless water pressure tanks. Admits air into submersible pump systems.
Well part snfiter valve svo
Compliant with 2014 Federal Safe Drinking Water Act
Snifter Valve - light spring model - 1/8" = $5.40
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Bleeder Orifice

Bleeder Orifice Use and Features
  • Usually installed in the submersible pump drop pipe, approximately 10 to 12 feet below the well head
  • Provides fast water bleed capacity through its large orifice opening when pump shuts off
  • Orifice completely closes when the pump is running and prevents loss of pumping volume
  • Molded virgin rubber construction
Top view of rubber water bleeder
Bottom view of rubber water bleeder orifice
Durable Rubber Bleeder - 1" Orifice = $5.61
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Pitless Adapters

All Pitless Adapters offered are compliant with 2014 Federal Safe Drinking Water Act
Description Inside
Casing Seal
Well Casing
Price & Quantity
Bronze 1" Pitless Adapter - top bar slide stop square cut washer 5" - 12" $59.27
Stainless Steel 1" Pitless Adapter - top bar slide stop square cut washer 5" - 12" $47.22
Stainless Steel 1" Pitless Adapter - top bar slide stop o-ring 5" - 12" $56.16
Stainless Steel 1-1/4" Pitless Adapter - U cup slide stop o-ring 5" - 12" $82.95
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Tank Crosses / Tees

Reduces turbulence and water logging in tanks without separate air chambers
Suitable for use with potable water
Well part tank cross bronze copper 1 inch
Model Description Overall
Price & Quantity
HC100G Short Galvanized Cross 3-3/4" 1" FIPS 1" FIPS 1/2" 1/4" $13.76
CHC100BFNL Long Bronze/Copper Cross 11" 1" 1" x 3/4" 1/2" 1/4" $41.79
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Well Seals

Metal well sealMetal Well Seal
Metal well sealHeavy Duty Plastic Well Seal

Description Size Price & Quantity
Cast Iron Well Seal 4" x 1" $26.45
Cast Iron Well Seal 6" x 1-1/2" $47.55
Heavy Duty High Impact ABS Plastic Well Seal 4" x 1" $27.11
Heavy Duty High Impact ABS Plastic Well Seal 6" x 1-1/2" $27.79
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Cable Guard

Helps prevent submersible well pump cables from rubbing against the well casing
Two cable holes - Fits 4" - 6" casing - Use with 1-1/4" poly or IPS drop pipe
Proudly made in the USA USA flag button
Well cable guard
Well Cable Guard for 4" - 6" Casings = $2.10
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Torque Arrestor

Field adjustable to hold pump centered in well - Two piece natural rubber design with 2 stainless steel clamps
Fits all well casings from 4" - 8" ID - Securely fastens to 1" or 1-1/4" drop pipe
Torque arrestor for wells
Deluxe Natural Rubber Torque Arrestor = $12.80
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Heat Shrink Wire Splicers

Provides a watertight seal for wires - Excellent dielectric strength - Highly resistant to moisture, fungus & weathering
No grease tape or epoxy needed - Fits #14, #12, #10 gauge wires - Includes wire connectors
wire splicer kit
Heat Shrink Wire Splicer Kit - 3 tubes/connectors = $5.25
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How do you size a pressure tank for wells?"
A.The rule of thumb on sizing a pressure tank is one gallon of drawdown for each gallon per minute of pump capacity. If your pump delivers 20 gpm, then you need a tank with a minimum of 20 gallons drawdown.

Q. "Do you sell submersible pumps for wells?"
A. We offer many types of pumps but we do not sell nor will we quote prices on submersible pumps for wells.

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