Unconventional PVC Fittings

Important uses for uncommon PVC fittings that might just save your day

Your home’s plumbing system is vital for giving you fresh water at a desirable temperature and for sending your waste to the sewers. You must be glad that your plumbing system, which contains a wide range of pipes, faucets, spigots and tanks, works at all, but sometimes things go awry and Pandora’s Box is unleashed upon you. If you own your own home and do not rent from a landlord, then it is your responsibility to diagnose the issue and fix the problem. Although you may be fantastic with your hands, and you have more knowledge than the average Joe, at some point you are most likely to come across an issue that deeply puzzles you. It could be that there is a leak in a tough spot, or two pieces of pipe may not fit together the way you want. Understanding what uncommon PVC fittings are out on the market can help you understand what you may need when the time arises. In this article we will discuss some of these unconventional PVC fittings and where to find them.

Side-Outlet 90 PVC Fitting

Within your plumbing system, there is a unique pipe that is vertically oriented and it connects two other horizontally oriented pipes. The pipe may be under the sink or under your subflooring. In any case, in the event of damage to your pipes that requires you to repair them, this is when side outlet 90 PVC pipe fittings enter the scene. These PVC fittings have three prongs. One prong is oriented vertically, and the other two are oriented horizontally from the base at a 90 degree angle. We offer a wide range of sizes for side outlet 90 PVC fittings.

Side-Outlet Tees

Side-outlet tees can feel like needle in a haystack since they are so uncommon. Side outlet tees are also known as four way or four prong PVC fittings. Side-outlet tees can be used for plumbing, but because they feature an extra prong than most pvc fittings, they are more commonly used for framing structures like platforms, temporary shelters or forts for your children. Most side-outlet tees are designed with enough structural integrity to be used in furniture. Pick some of these up today!

Barbed Insert Fittings

If you have had any experience working with pipes before, then you have most likely used an adhesive. In many cases adhesives work wonders and get the job done. If you need a tighter seal, then your best bet is to go with a barbed insert fitting. Barbed inserts are available in both male and female threads making connecting threaded pipes very simple. Before you take the plunge and purchase this type of fitting, make sure you take note of the thread pattern and the sizing of the pipe. There are many choices to choose from for many different PVC fitting types. View our low cost barbed adapters here.

Uncommon Bends

In rare instances, such as when a pipe wraps around an awkward corner, you may need a special fitting. It’s not always the case that every plumbing system will consist of only 90 degree angles. At Plumbingsupply.com we offer a large selection of specialty PVC fittings that range from 11-1/4 degrees to 60 degrees. Although it is unlikely you will need these special fittings with irregular bends in your every day use, they prove very useful to keep nearby if nothing else works.

Flexible PVC Fittings

God forbid, but what if your sprinkler system worked fine one day and then you woke up one morning and there was a pool of water in the lowest spot of your yard? In this situation you are most likely looking at a broken line. After you have shut off your sprinkler system, then you have to repair it. After you use a shovel to dig up the dirt to unearth the culprit, you confirm that your suspicions are correct. How do you go about fixing the split pipe that will not piece back together? In this case, flexible PVC fittings are the superheroes that will save your day. Read our article to find out how to repair your broken pipes.

Flexible PVC fittings are very strong and can withstand up to 150 PSI of water pressure and are able to bend up to 180 degrees. What you thought might be a costly and lengthy nightmare involving the extraction of the damaged pipes can most likely be solved with a few dollars and a shovel.

Realistically speaking, you will probably not master every single small detail of your home’s plumbing system, unless you are a professional plumber. But if you enjoy finding out how things work, why they end up breaking and how to fix them, then good on you!

Eventually you may come across a situation where you don’t have all of the answers and YouTube doesn’t have the answers you are looking for, and that is where we come in. No single plumbing problem is ever the same. If you know what to look out for, and have a good understanding of basic knowledge of unconventional parts that can help you add some aces to your deck. With this knowledge, you may just be able to save the day on your own at an affordable cost.

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