Pipe Fitting Removal Tool
Removes Fittings From Outside Of The Pipe

Make short work of repairing or replacing a broken or irregular pipe with this handy fitting removal tool. The removal of broken flanges or female pipe fittings is a cinch with this little workhorse, brought to you by your source for everything plumbing-related, PlumbingSupply.com®! Looking for more fitting tools? Visit our page.

 We no longer offer Pipe Parana removal tools currently.

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How To Use The Parana Fitting Removal Tool

Creating an even surface
Clean and or remove an irregular or broken pipe to create an even surface for the Parana to start the removal of the remaining plastic fitting shoulder.

Removing cement around the flange
If the pipe is surrounded by cement to the edge of the pipe, remove the cement to allow the cutting blades to spin free without touching the concrete. One inch of relief is enough space.

Removing obstructions
Make sure the inside of the pipe is not oval or has glue streaks inside to impede the guides. If the pipe is oval, the Parana tool will not work. Remove any obstruction before drilling.

Checking guide clearance
Check guide clearance in depth, remove bottom guide if necessary.

Inserting tool into pipe
Insert tool into pipe, making sure cutter teeth are in contact with the material to be removed. Start the drilling process with the drill on low speed. Use caution at all times. Be sure you periodically stop the operation to let the pipe cool, remove shavings and inspect uniformity of the removal operation. Adjust angle and pressure if necessary.

Tool is finished removing pipe fitting
When the Parana tool has finished the removal process, the tool will "fall" or "bottom out". Pipe will be ready to re-glue or reuse.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Will the blades wear down?"
A. Although the blades are very durable, they do wear over time (like any type of cutting tool). However, you can simply use a file to sharpen them.

Q. "Do you offer any tools that will remove pipe from the inside of fittings?"
A. Yes, please see these PVC savers, which are great tools for repairing fittings that have pipe broken off inside of them.

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