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Have you ever wanted to know how well a shower head works before you buy it? Of course you have! An honest assessment of how a shower head performs is something you don't find very often, but we here at® want you to have a good idea of what to expect from your shower head purchase. We tested a sample of our huge selection of shower heads to assist you with making an educated decision when trying to decide which type of showerhead to choose.

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When buying a showerhead it is important to know if you are getting the type of spray pattern that you really like and will enjoy everyday. We know that whether you are buying online or at a store, it is often hard to tell what you are getting with a showerhead until you install it and turn it on. So, to help eliminate some of the guess work, we've decided to take some of the best selling showerheads off our shelves and out of the box to put them to the test ourselves. We wanted to give our customers an honest review of the products we are offering. We also know that personal preference regarding the look and feel of these showerheads will vary with each person, so we have made every attempt to keep that in mind. We are not the manufacturer of any product, and we do not intend to promote one brand over another.

In order to judge these showerheads, we wanted to make sure we could provide an accurate representation of the showerheads' performance in an average home. So, we installed a pressure regulator inline, and set the incoming pressure to 30PSI because most residences have an average pressure ranging from 20-60PSI and we believe 30PSI is a good mid-way point.

Single Spray Pattern Showerheads

8" Luxury Downpour Rain Showerhead

This extra large showerhead features:

  • Extra durable all brass construction
  • Gentle rain-like setting turns your shower into a relaxing retreat
  • 12 spray nozzles with 96 individual spray streams
  • Large 8" diameter provides a wide, full coverage stream
  • Durable brass ball swivel joint allows you to position the head
This luxury downpour showerhead is so elegant, one would expect to see it in a high-end hotel or spa. It has a durable light gray Lexan face with a heavy duty brass body, swivel ball and shower arm connection. If you are looking for a soft rain-like shower, then surely this is the showerhead for you. This outstanding showerhead provides a very relaxing and gentle rain-like shower that is delivered in a wide, full-coverage spray pattern. We felt that this showerhead provided a full coverage, inviting, and tranquil showering atmosphere. Because of the superb quality of this head, we rated it with four stars.

Rating: four star showerhead rating

Two Spray Pattern Showerheads

Contemporary Design Six-Jet Showerhead

This modern showerhead features:

  • Solid brass body and handle
  • Durable brass ball joint allows you to position the showerhead where you want it
  • 2 spray patterns - rain and full rain
  • 6 Self cleaning jets with a total of 48 sprays
  • View dimensions
This showerhead has a sleek, contemporary design and provides two spray patterns: rain, and full rain. We found the rain spray to be gently relaxing and the full rain spray provided a more firm and invigorating spray, making it perfect for the final rinse. Overall, we felt like this was a fairly good, average showerhead.

Rating: three star showerhead rating

Luxurious Six Jet Retro Style Showerhead

This old fashioned showerhead features:

  • Solid brass body, ball joint and handle
  • 6 Self cleaning jets with a total of 48 sprays
  • Soft relaxing rain and brisk full rain settings
  • View dimensions
The retro style showerheads' classic flared bell shape would blend nicely into an old fashioned bath and shower. It offers two spray patterns, rain and full rain. The rain setting offers a soothing and gentle stream, while the full rain spray provides a firm, invigorating spray with criss-crossing streams. The handle switches between the two settings continuously with a 360° rotating handle.

Rating: three star showerhead rating

Relaxing Four-Jet Retro Style Showerhead

This classic style showerhead features:

  • An invigorating 32 sprays from 4 jets
  • Full rain and rain settings
  • Solid brass body, ball joint, and handle
  • Retro flared bell design
  • View dimensions
The four jet retro showerhead is a petite version of the six jet shown above, which offers a decent spray considering it's small, compact design. Switching between two sprays is easy to do with the lever handle. Even though this showerhead technically has two spray functions, we found that you can create a "combo" setting in between the two. View me to view the "combo" setting. Overall we felt this showerhead preformed adequately.

Rating: three star showerhead rating

Three Spray Pattern Showerheads

Frescia Series Showerhead With Nebulizing Mist Spray

This unique showerhead features:

  • Easy Clean spray nibs
  • Ultra-modern design
  • 3 spray patterns: massage, nebulizing mist, and rain
  • View dimensions
This exhilarating showerhead features three main spray functions - massage, nebulizing mist, and rain; an additional spray pattern is offered in between each setting, as well. The powerful massage setting offered a strong, steady jet that could be utilized to massage tense muscles. The nebulizing mist setting was refreshing and unique, as most showerheads do not have this feature. The regular shower setting provided a very pleasant, gentle shower. The special functions of the showerhead and the distinct design may be just what you are looking for!

Rating: three star showerhead rating

World Class Anystream® 8-Jet Showerhead

This world-class showerhead features:

  • Heavy duty solid brass construction of unbeatable quality with strong attention to detail
  • 8 self cleaning power jets with 64 individual spray channels
  • 3 spray patterns: full body, gentle rain, and full flood
  • View dimensions
This is a very impressive showerhead right out of the box. Its brass body is heavy, weighing in at almost 3 lbs, attesting to the quality and attention to detail. The smooth, clean lines and impressive finish left us dazzled before we even installed it. Once we turned the showerhead on, it was easy to see why so many upscale hotels, spas and homes feature this showerhead. Each of the three settings were enjoyable. Simply turn the adjusting arm to switch between the needling full-body, rinsing gentle rain, or drenching full-flood sprays. The invigorating full body spray provided the most powerful spray out of the three. The gentle rain was a soft relaxing setting, and the full-flood provided a very soft aerated flow. We've given this outstanding showerhead our highest rating!

Rating: five star showerhead rating

Luxurious Anystream® 6-Jet Showerhead

This first-class showerhead features:

  • Durable all brass body, operating handle, and swivel ball
  • 6 jets and 48 fully adjustable spray channels
  • Luxurious full body, gentle rain, and full flood settings
  • View dimensions
This model provides a wonderful full body spray that offers an impressive amount of power for its compact design; in addition, we find the gentle rain setting to be very refreshing, and the full flood feature emits an enjoyably soft, bubbly flow. The handle transitions smoothly through the settings in a continuous motion.

Rating: four star showerhead rating

Eco-Fabulous Anystream® 6-Jet Water Saving Showerhead

This eco-friendly showerhead features:

  • Water-saving! Low flow with lots of power
  • 6 jets with 48 fully adjustable spray channels
  • Full body, gentle rain, and full flood spray patterns
  • View dimensions
This model features a flow restrictor that lowers the flow, which can save up to 20% of the amount of water used for a typical shower. We were expecting to see some sort of difference when comparing the standard with the low-flow, but honestly, there was no noticeable difference between the two. We would suggest the low flow simply for the water savings! This model offered the same invigorating full body, gentle rain, and full flood settings that we enjoyed with the standard model.

Rating: five star showerhead rating

Five Spray Patterns

Leticia Series Multi-Function Spray Showerhead

This fantastic showerhead features:

  • 5 distinct spray patterns: massage, rain/massage, rain, power/rain, and power
  • 3" Face
  • Durable all-brass construction
  • Change settings easily with soft rubber gripping ring
  • View dimensions
We understand that showering preferences vary from person to person, but we really believe this one has something for everyone. Most showerheads that offer the massage setting usually only have one, which you'll either love or never use, but this model has two choices for you! The first spray pattern shown above is the massage setting which uses the 20 micro jets in the center of the head to provide a powerful, concentrated massaging jet. The next setting combines the massage with the rain so that both the fine jets around the edge and the center massage jets are used together. The rain setting is a standard setting that we've seen on most of the other showerheads, providing a soft gentle rain. With the next turn of the dial, you'll be delighted by the rain combined with the Power spray which gives a very full, drenching shower. This was a really nice setting that, through the use of all 62 jets and micro jets, gave the illusion of getting "more" water - it almost felt like two showerheads in one! The last setting on the dial is the invigorating power spray which feels like a really strong needle-like spray. The all-brass body is petite, with a crisp, simple design making it compatible with various bathroom styles. This showerhead utilizes a soft rubber dial which rotates around the face of the showerhead, making it easily changeable - even with wet hands.

Rating: five star showerhead rating

Monarch Water Saving Showerhead

This water saving showerhead features:

  • Unique ShowerStart system prevents costly hot water from running down the drain before you get in the shower
  • 5 different spray patterns: champagne, combo rain champagne, rain, combo rain massage, and pulsating massage
  • Anti-lime protection prevents lime buildup inside the system
This model is one of a series of showerheads that has a truly unique feature called the Shower Start system. Most of us turn on the shower and wait for the hot water to start, or we try to multi-task while the shower gets warmed up. But did you know while waiting for the shower to heat up, as much as two-and-a-half gallons of hot water can be wasted down the drain? When you install this showerhead you will have the luxury of starting your shower without wasting your hot water! You can turn on the shower like usual and the shower will run like normal until the water reaches 95°F. Once the water temperature reaches 95°F, the specially designed valve restricts the flow to a light trickle. When you are ready to step into your shower, simply pull the cord or flip the switch to resume regular flow.

So... that's how it works, but what about the actual shower head? It has 5 spray patterns: a rejuvenating rain like spray; a gentle, pulsating massage; an effervescent champagne flow; and two combination sprays. Switching between the spray settings is easy with the dial that features soft rubber grips around the head's face. There's a little bit of everything in this showerhead which makes it great for a busy household, or for anyone who enjoys pampering themselves a little everyday - all the while conserving water and saving money! Click the link below to purchase this and other water saving showerheads.

Rating: five star showerhead rating

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