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Myson Thermar Tankless Parts® is your source for hard-to-find Myson tankless water heater repair parts. Shopping for a replacement tankless water heater? Click here for our tankless water heater index page.

Please Note: ONLY the Myson parts that have prices shown are available.
Some of the parts shown in this parts breakdown are no longer available.

Gas Myson Tankless
No. Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 10-12212 Union Nut, Heat Exchanger No Longer Available
2 10-12213 Comp. Flange, Brnz. Heat Exchanger No Longer Available
3 20-10047 'O' Ring - Heat Exchanger $3.89 Enter a quantity and
4 10-13843 Outlet Adaptor, ECO @ HX No Longer Available
5 10-12731 ADP Assembly In/Out No Longer Available
6 10-10062 Direct Vent Flu Seal No Longer Available
7 10-10916 Heat Exchanger Seal No Longer Available
8 10-14689 Heat Exchanger No Longer Available
9 10-10075 Direct Vent Case Seal $24.03 Enter a quantity and
10 10-19030 DV Cover - White No Longer Available
11 10-13056 CF Cover - White No Longer Available
12 10-19224
CF Bottom Cover - Gray
DV Bottom Cover - Gray
No Longer Available
13 10-19055 ECO Assembly With Leads From Serial No. 15 000 000 0 No Longer Available
14 10-13849 Thermocouple Connector $39.71 Enter a quantity and
15 10-13846 Interrupter Insert $19.60 Enter a quantity and
16 10-13848 Thermocouple $34.94 Enter a quantity and
17 12-13055 Fix/nut Thermocouple No Longer Available
18 22-13059 Pilot Mounting Assembly No Longer Available
20 10-12259 Electrode Assembly No Longer Available
21 10-12694 Pilot Filter No Longer Available
22 10-13706 FSD Assembly No Longer Available
23 10-12410 Magnet Main Gas Valve $121.87 Enter a quantity and
24 10-11935 Piezo Igniter $45.03 Enter a quantity and
25 10-13008
Regulator Assembly - NG
Regulator Assembly - LP Gas
No Longer Available
26 10-14639 Button - Stop No Longer Available
27 10-13705 Button - Start No Longer Available
28 10-14641 Button - Igniter No Longer Available
29 10-13486 Thermostat Bellows and Bulb No Longer Available
30 20-14834 'O' Ring - Thermostat Sensing Bulb $3.91 Enter a quantity and
31 10-14536 Thermostat Assembly Complete (includes #29 & #32) No Longer Available
32 10-11904 Thermostat Assembly Pin $16.43 Enter a quantity and
33 10-14637 Cold Inlet Throttle No Longer Available
34 10-14637 Cold Water Inlet Screen No Longer Available
35 20-12335 'O' Ring - Sensing Tube (PAIR) $5.60 Enter a quantity and
36 10-13495 Long Sensing Tube No Longer Available
37 10-14923 Short Sensing Tube No Longer Available
38 10-13561 Diaphragm Housing Assembly No Longer Available
39 10-12460 Diaphragm EPDM W/Plate $52.78 Enter a quantity and
40 20-15360 'O' Ring - Ball Disk No Longer Available
41 10-12373 Pin, Automatic Valve Assembly No Longer Available
42 20-11822 'O' Ring - Diaphragm Drive Pin $7.05 Enter a quantity and
43 10-12458
Automatic Valve Assembly - NG
Automatic Valve Assembly - LP Gas
No Longer Available
44 10-12848 Manifold Gasket No Longer Available
45 10-12345 Stainless Burner No Longer Available
46 19-12780
Standard Orifice/Inj, - NG
Standard Orifice/Inj, - LP Gas
No Longer Available

Parts For Some Thermar - Myson - Homemaster Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Part # Description Price & Quantity
10-10075 Case seal for former direct vent $24.03 Enter a quantity and
10-13846 Ceramic interrupter insert $19.60 Enter a quantity and
10-12460 Diaphragm $52.78 Enter a quantity and
10-13495 Long sensing tube No Longer Available
10-12410 Magnet, main gas valve, ffd assy $121.87 Enter a quantity and
20-11822 O-ring for diaphragm push pin $7.05 Enter a quantity and
20-10047 O-ring for heat exchanger $3.89 Enter a quantity and
20-12335 O-ring for sensing tube (PAIR) $5.60 Enter a quantity and
20-14834 O-ring for thermostat bellows $3.91 Enter a quantity and
10-11935 Piezo electric $45.03 Enter a quantity and
10-10196 Seat tape for heat exchanger $32.04 Enter a quantity and
10-14923 Short sensing tube No Longer Available
10-11904 Stat assembly pin $16.43 Enter a quantity and
10-13848 Thermocouple $34.94 Enter a quantity and
10-13849 Thermocouple connector extension $39.71 Enter a quantity and
10-13486 Thermostat bellows No Longer Available

Note: If your Myson was manufactured in England then the above parts should fit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Do you also sell old Thermar or Homemaster brand gas tankless parts?"
A. If your HomeMaster or Thermar gas tankless water heater was manufactured in England (Thermar #TL100 and #TL200), then our above Myson parts will probably fit (but we can't guarantee that they will in fact fit).

Customer Testimonials

"Since I was buying for an obsolete tankless water heater and haven't had hot water for 5 days, that you had the part was the most important factor."
- Ray Calvillo, Ceres, California 95307-2418

"Thanks for having exactly what we needed in stock. I liked your explanation of shipping charges/FAQ."
- Jesus Correa, Sycamore, Illinois 60178-2547

"Thanks for your excellent service. I will certainly use you again if the need arises and recommend you to anyone I know who needs your services."
- Edward Davis, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27517-8570

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