Learn how to quickly and easily install a lead-reducing countertop water filter.

Lead Reduction Water Filters

With so many concerns regarding lead in drinking water, we suggest that you have your water tested by a qualified laboratory before purchasing a filter to reduce lead. Simple visual examination or tasting your water will not help you determine whether your water contains lead or if your water is lead free.

Countertop Lead Reduction Filter Systems

Easy Install Countertop Filter

  • Can dramatically reduce chlorine, bad taste, odor, lead, Cryptosporidium cysts and Giardia cysts using the good cartridge, plus mercury and most VOC's when using the best cartridge
  • Water filter housing is made in the United States
  • High quality durable plastic or chrome housing (approx. 11 1/2" tall)
  • Attaches to most standard (U.S. made) faucets in seconds
  • Includes hose & diverter valve/aerator with 55/64" female threads
  • In most cases very easy to install
  • No need to attach and reattach hose to faucet spout each time
  • Easy to use - simply pull the 2-way valve to use filtered water
  • Can be taken with you when you move
  • Filter cartridge is not exposed to light to prevent algae growth
  • Much larger filtration area compared to spout mounted filters
  • Housings include 4 each separate aerators to enable you to adapt the diverter valve/aerator to the most common residential sink faucet threads

Step 1. Choose a Filter Housing

Housing Price & Quantity
White Housing - WITHOUT Cartridge $70.99
Deluxe Chrome & Black Housing - WITHOUT Cartridge $99.59
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Step 2. Choose a Filter Cartridge to best suit your needs

Cartridge Description Micron Rating Max
Price & Quantity
CFB-PB10  Good Powdered Activated Carbon Filter
  • Reduces chlorine and improves taste/odor up to 5,000 gallons, lead up to 2,000 gallons and Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts
  • 2-7/8" diameter x 9-7/8" length
0.5 1.0 $17.94
WLC-R  BEST Carbon Briquette - Acid-washed Bituminous Filter
  • Reduces chlorine, taste, odor up to 20,000 gallons, Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts, lead up to 600 gallons, and some VOC's up to 300 gallon capacity
  • 2-7/8" diameter x 9-7/8" length
0.5 0.6 $40.13
Enter a quantity of 2, 6, or more of the same cartridge for additional savings!
Pricing discounts will be shown in the shopping cart.

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Step 3. Install your new countertop water filter

Countertop Water Filter Replacement Parts

Description Price & Quantity
36" replacement tubing (1/4"od) for countertop water filter system - White $4.89
Female diverter aerator with washer $15.39
Replacement O-ring - fits countertop filters shown above on this page only $2.54
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Not sure if a countertop unit is right for you? Check out our water filter buying guide for more information

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Lead is a worrisome toxin. Lead in drinking water can cause a number of negative health effects, especially in children, pregnant women and babies. Among other things, exposure to high doses of lead can result in learning disabilities, hearing problems, slight deficits in attention span, and even delays in physical and mental developments. A lifetime of exposure to lead at levels above the MCL (maximum contaminant level) could potentially cause kidney disease, stroke and even cancer.

Do recognize, however, that scare tactics used by some to sell lead removal/reduction systems is not good for our society and not something that we practice. Please note that we are cautioning you about lead removal, in general, as well as the use of these filters in particular. We just don't feel comfortable stating that if you install either of these water reduction filters that your water quality will improve. For all we know, your water could be perfectly safe before you consider purchasing a lead removal water filter.

Since we do not, and cannot, know your specific water conditions and the type of water pipes that you have (we hope you don't have any lead water pipes or supplies), we do not feel comfortable even hinting or suggesting that any of the water filters that we offer can help improve your water quality.

It is best to have your water tested by a quality-oriented laboratory rather than assuming that you have high or low amounts of lead in your water. You cannot determine by taste or by looking at your water if your water is lead free.

The majority of water providers provide safe water. Because of this, purchasing expensive lead removal water filters might be a waste of money for you. Generally the greatest concerns/causes for lead entering your water drinking supply is through corrosion of old plumbing materials, old lead-based solder or even old lead pipes. You have many options available to you to reduce lead in your water. First though, we suggest that you find out (by local laboratory tests) if you really do have high levels of lead in your water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Is there a pass-through mode for high flow non-filtered water?"
A. Yes. You can just use your kitchen spout in your standard, non-filtered mode for washing hands or rinsing dishes.

Q. "My white hose is old. Do you offer a new hose?"
A. You can order a new white replacement hose from us. Simply order the replacement tubing from the table above.

Q. "I've installed my new countertop filter system, but the water coming out of my kitchen faucet doesn't taste any different. Why is that?"
A. The countertop filter system has its own gooseneck spout. When the knob on the aerator is pulled out, the water is diverter through the white tubing and through the filter system, and then filtered water will pour out of the gooseneck spout. That's the water that is filtered, not the water coming out of the kitchen spout.

Q. "I just received the counter top filter with the W-40 (WLC-R) cartridge, please advise if the end marked "this end next to vessel threads "goes into base of the unit?"
A. Yes. That end goes on the bottom, nearest the threads of the body of the countertop filter.

Q. "How often should I replace my carbon filters?"
A. This is a very common (and difficult to answer) question. It depends a lot on your water conditions, water quality and volume (usage). We believe that in no case (no matter what brand that you have) should you keep a cartridge longer than a year (due to bacteria growth potential).

Q. "Do you sell the type of filters that hang on, or fit inside kitchen faucet spouts?"
A. No, sorry. We just don't think they can contain enough carbon to do a lot of filtration, or to give value for our customers.

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