Two Handle Kitchen Faucets

Refresh the look of your kitchen with a sparkling new two handle kitchen faucet from®! Offering styles from basic and traditional, to decorative and contemporary, wall mount or deck mount models, and some with side sprayers, we are pleased to provide a great selection for you to choose from. Gleaming finishes and some with handle options finish off the list, so you're sure to find the perfect complement to your kitchen décor.
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Symmons Two Handle Kitchen Faucet

Compliant with state water efficiency standards for customers in California
Two Handle Kitchen FaucetChrome with Standard Lever Handles
  • This traditional two handle kitchen faucet is durable and built to last
  • 1/4-turn ceramic control components are built to last, provide worry-free use and making operation of the faucet a breeze
  • 8-1/2" swing spout
  • Includes aerator
  • Durable metal construction
  • 8" centers w/ 1/2" IPS shanks
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Finish Standard Lever
Wrist Blade
Chrome Discontinued $159.95
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Two Handle Bridge Style Kitchen Faucets

8" Spread Deck Mount Kitchen Faucet

Compliant with state water efficiency standards for customers in California
Chrome 8in bridge style kitchen faucetChrome
Porcelain Cross Handles
Polished Brass 8in bridge style kitchen faucetPolished Brass
Porcelain Cross Handles
Oil Rubbed Bronze 8in bridge style kitchen faucetOil Rubbed Bronze
Porcelain Cross Handles
Satin Nickel 8in bridge style kitchen faucetSatin Nickel
Porcelain Cross Handles
Solid brass construction, gorgeous premier finishes, and several handle options to choose from make this faucet a beautiful choice for the homeowner with an eye for good design - 8-3/4" spout reach is perfect for most sizes of kitchen sinks - View Dimensions
Finish Metal Cross
Porcelain Cross
Metal Lever
Porcelain Lever
Chrome $188.94 $188.98 $188.93 $188.97
Polished Brass $245.94 $245.98 $245.93 $245.97
Oil Rubbed Bronze $242.94 $242.98 $242.93 $242.97
Satin Nickel $242.83 $242.98 $242.82 $242.84
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High Arch Solid Brass Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

Compliant with state water efficiency standards for customers in California
Chrome high arch wall mount kitchen faucetChrome
Polished Brass high arch wall mount kitchen faucetPolished Brass
Oil Rubbed Bronze high arch wall mount kitchen faucetOil Rubbed Bronze
Satin Nickel high arch wall mount kitchen faucetSatin Nickel
This classic high arch kitchen faucet will add a sophisticated touch to your busy kitchen - This faucet has variable spread installation options for your convenience and is constructed of solid brass for years of durability - View Dimensions
Description Chrome Polished Brass Satin Nickel Oil Rubbed Bronze
Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet $92.64 $129.98 $109.86 $129.93
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What are some of the things to look for when purchasing a faucet?"
A. You should be asking: Is it easy to get parts? Easy to repair and replace parts? Is it a true "washer less" (doesn't mean it won't leak, it will eventually anyway but is usually easier to operate and easier to repair) or not? Where is it made? What type of warranty? How long has this model been made? Does the manufacturer stand behind their products and how long has that company been in business? Is the company that you are buying the faucet from reputable and been in business long enough so that you know you can trust them?

Q. "Any helpful hints?"
A. ALL faucets WILL leak and need servicing eventually. A good idea is to once or twice yearly, open and close all shut off valves under all faucets (if any). This will help keep them free of sediment and will allow them to be closed when needed.

Q. "Why do some faucets cost so much more than others?"
A. Some faucets are simply made better than others with higher quality material such as solid brass, which generally provides a superior look, performance, and durability. While you may pay more for a quality faucet, you're likely to receive more value for your money as a result of longer, more reliable, trouble-free service. Paying more doesn't always mean you'll get a better value, but generally, a more expensive faucet (just like a more expensive automobile, etc) does give better and longer service. We recommend that you DO shop around once you know the exact brand and model that you want, as you can avoid paying extra for the exact same faucets if you spend time to shop.

Q. "I don't see any WaterSense certified kitchen faucets on your site. Why don't you offer any?"
A. Currently, the WaterSense program doesn't offer certification for kitchen faucets. However, many companies (including some of our most popular brands like Delta, Danze, and Symmons) who manufacture WaterSense certified lavatory faucets have also found ways to make their kitchen faucets more water efficient as well. If you have questions about the flow rate or water efficiency of any of our faucets, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to provide you with as much information about a specific model as we can.

Q. "What are the new California Energy Commission water efficiency standards and how does this affect me?"
A. Effective January 1, 2016, certain plumbing fixtures will be required to comply with new California Energy Commission requirements for flow rate and water efficiency. Since the program began in 1976, it has continually worked to develop standards for energy- and water-using appliances and fixtures that will help Californians to conserve energy and water. To help the state deal with current and future drought conditions, only water-saving plumbing fixtures will be legally available for sale in California. Products like faucets, toilets, urinals, and shower heads are all affected by the new regulations.

Sold after January 1, 2016:
  • Public lavatory faucets & aerators must have a maximum flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute or less (at 60psi)
  • Kitchen faucets & aerators must have a maximum flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute or less (at 60psi) - dual function faucets may have an optional temporary flow of 2.2 gallons per minute
  • Toilets must use a maximum 1.28 gallons per flush or less - or a dual-flush effective flush volume of 1.28 gallons per flush or less
  • Wall mounted urinals must use a maximum 0.125 gallons per flush or less
  • Other urinals must use a maximum 0.5 gallons per flush or less
Sold after July 1, 2016:
  • Lavatory faucets & aerators must have a maximum flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute or less (at 60psi)
  • Shower heads must have a maximum flow rate of 2.0 gallons per minute or less (at 80psi)
Sold after July 1, 2018:
  • Shower heads must have a maximum flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute or less (at 80psi)

What this means for the average consumer is that you can rest easy knowing that the product you're getting is compliant with the law - and will help you do your part to save water, our most precious natural resource. Additionally, it is important to note that current EPA WaterSense program requirements are not as stringent as the California Energy Commission requirements. Thus, not all WaterSense products may be compliant with the new laws in California. Please be sure to review the specifications of the product you're purchasing prior to placing your order as we cannot ship non-compliant products to our customers in California.

Customer Testimonials

"You guys are amazing!!! I already received the faucet AND it is of wonderful quality. I am delighted!"
- Sabrina Steketee, Boulder, Montana 59632

Please note that every customer testimonial shown on our pages has given us written permission to quote them. Our customer's privacy is very important to us so we will never give, share or sell contact information or e-mail addresses to anyone!

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