Home Guard® Max Installation Instructions

The Home Guard® water-powered pump is best installed as a standby to an electric sump pump. This pump uses water pressure as its power source. The amount of water it will pump varies greatly depending on the water pressure supplied to it. With water flowing the inlet water supply pressure should always be above 22psi.

Please note that although we provide typical installation diagrams and the pump does come with installation instructions, we strongly recommend having a licensed professional plumber install this unit for you. This not only ensures your personal safety, but also that the pump is installed properly according to local plumbing codes and increases the likelihood that the pump will work correctly when needed. You really don't want to find out you've installed the backup pump incorrectly after the fact.

Typical installation diagram for Zoeller Home Guard® Max backup sump pump

Quick Tips for Installation

  • Normally, your primary pump should already have a check valve but if it does not have a check valve, you will need to install one (not provided).
  • The Home Guard® Max pump should be regularly checked for its proper operation and cleanliness, especially around the suction screen and the ejector port. Clean as required.
  • Use PTFE thread sealing tape on all threaded connections, need only tighten by hand.
  • The pump body itself is approx. 16" tall and 5-1/4" wide. From the bottom of the pump to the top of the water supply valve is approx. 40".
  • The typical discharge is 1-1/4" (female pipe threads). The inlet is 3/4" (female pipe threads).
The following parts are replaceable:
  • Clamps
  • Backflow valve assembly
  • Push connect fitting
  • Diaphragm and O-ring
  • Plunger assembly
  • Nozzle seat
  • Spring
  • Float rod magnet guide assembly
  • Float rod guide
  • Float stop assembly
  • Float
  • Venturi
  • Foot valve
  • Valve assembly
  • Screws
  • Float rod

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