Elkay Faucet Parts

Purchase your Elkay replacement cartridges from PlumbingSupply.com®.

We do not offer/sell/promote Elkay faucets, and these are the only Elkay faucet parts that we sell/offer.
These cartridges do not fit all Elkay faucets. Please contact Elkay to make sure that they are the parts you need.

Elkay faucet part model 51947r

Elkay EA51947R (hot) = $42.23

Elkay EA51948R (cold) = $42.03

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Elkay single faucet control cartridge model 52399r

Elkay Single Control Cartridge EA52399R = $60.32

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Elaky o-ring model a52387

Elkay A-52387 O-rings (each) = $4.51
Requires 2 each for repair

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Silicone lubricant

Silicone stem lubricant - FDA approved - ¼ oz = $4.10

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