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Parts For American Standard Faucets

Faucet cartridge

Part # Description Price & Quantity
23529-0070A Repair Parts: Ceramic disk Ceramic cartridge (cartridge 47mm with seals) $13.64
37978-06 Escutcheon plate for Fiesta (double bowl) $51.49
44293-0700 Stem seal fits some Cadet faucets - small top-hat style $12.72
44885-0070 Valve rebuild kit for Reliant faucets (repair instructions included) - Best Seller! $29.26
57627-0200 Escutcheon cap for Aquarian kitchen faucets (4179 series) $7.73
57864-0070A Ceramic disk Aquarian kit/lavatory cartridge $28.84
060342-0020A Faucet Lever Handle - Chrome $34.29
060343-0070A Spacer with O-ring $6.78
060366-0070A Spout seal kit $7.22
066285-0070A Transfer valve rebuild kit - for Cadet 3 Handle Bath Sets $19.28
66294-0070A Seal kit only for transfer/diverter valve - includes brass screw $7.53
72940-0700 Stem seal for Aquaseal - large top-hat style $4.88
994053-0070A Ceramic Cartridge $19.75

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