Stylish "Will Fit" Ebbe Drain Covers
by Designer Drains

Proudly made in the USA

Modern style demands innovation and attention to detail. Designer Drain shower drain covers are the perfect finishing touch to your new shower or remodel. Whether you're looking for something classic, ultra-contemporary, or a bit of whimsy, these lovely drain covers won't let you down. Designed to install directly onto your new or existing Ebbe drain, their square shape means you don't have to waste time and materials cutting square tiles to fit a round drain.

The Designer Drains shower drain covers below feature:
  • A wide variety of designs to choose from that will help you customize your bathroom and add a little style to your shower
  • Made from reclaimed 304 stainless steel - "assisting the environment, one shower at a time"
  • 3-3/4" square drain cover with NO fastening holes designed specifically to fit Ebbe shower drains
  • Available in 3 beautiful designer finishes to complement your existing fixtures

New installation? Want to retrofit your existing drain with a stylish Ebbe drain? Purchase an Ebbe drain here

Nature & Oceanus Styles

Spider Web Drain Cover -
Leaves Drain Cover -
Lerna Flowers Drain Cover -
Pelican Drain Cover -
Octopus Drain Cover -
Caretta Drain Cover -
Seahorse Drain Cover -
Starfish Drain Cover -
Nautilus Drain Cover -
Bubbles Drain Cover -
Waves Drain Cover -

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Elements Styles

Celtic Drain Cover -
Cholollan Drain Cover -
Green Anthemion Drain Cover -
Greek Fret Drain Cover -
Lotus Drain Cover -
Nami Drain Cover -

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Art History & Classic Styles

Abstract Circle Drain Cover -
Kokopelli Drain Cover -
Lerna Seal Drain Cover -
Mon Fleur Drain Cover -
Motif No. 3 Drain Cover -
Motif No. 7 Drain Cover -
Scrolls No. 4 Drain Cover -
Scrolls No. 6 Drain Cover -
Eight Scrolls Drain Cover -
Shield Drain Cover -
Sprockets Drain Cover -

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Geometric & Architecture Styles

Parquet Drain Cover -
Squares Drain Cover -
Random Squares Drain Cover -
Triangles Drain Cover -
Wheat Drain Cover -
Valmier 3 Drain Cover -
Catalan 1400 Drain Cover -
Catalan 1600 Drain Cover -
Moresque 1 Drain Cover -
Moresque 2 Drain Cover -

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Images are representational only. Exact finish may vary due to nature of production and monitor settings.
Examples of Designer Drain finishes
Please note that Polished Stainless and Brushed Stainless are NOT plated finishes. They are the natural polished or brushed surface of the metal of the drain cover itself. Thus, you may be able to see the natural grain of the stainless steel even with the highly polished finish. This is normal for the manufacturing process used to create these highly unique Designer Drain covers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you receive a product that® says is "Made in the USA" and the product states it was manufactured elsewhere, please contact us. We will happily replace or refund your purchase to your satisfaction.

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