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- Page 17 of our Real Customer Testimonial pages -

"It is high time that the ideal of success should be replaced by the ideal of service."
- Albert Einstein

Your privacy is VERY important to us so please note: EVERY customer that is shown here or elsewhere on our site has given us written permission to quote him or her and display their information on our site. We will NOT quote you unless we have your written permission, and as with all of our customers, we will NEVER give, share or sell your e-mail address to anyone!

Here are quotes from some of our many tens of thousands of satisfied customers:

"LOVED the pictures of the toilets! Made it easy for me to figure out which one I had! THANK YOU for making it easy! Fantastic diagrams of older toilet models made a hard task easy! Found our old toilet with the great pictures on your website, and the right part with the diagram! My husband is amazed! Thank you for making me a genius tonight! Look forward to the parts and feel good to have your helpline if I have problems!

After receiving her order:
Great, speedy shipping on top of a great website! Will be attempting to install it in the next couple of days, looks pretty simple, but it's great to know your company is just a phone call away if I have any trouble. A definite confidence builder! My husband always says he knows what he's doing, but sometimes I find that is not the case!"
- Marjorie Miller, Austin, Texas 78753

"I've purchased products from you before, and your website is easy to navigate and find the parts I need. I once had questions about a part I had purchased, and your customer support was great -- they gave me specific instructions/tips about installing the part. I think you folks are doing a great job."
- Gregory Tom, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

"Thank you so much. You guys have a great Customer Service department.... It was a blessing to find you guys when I did my kitchen... Sorry to bend your ear, but ya'll have made my day and completed my kitchen."
- Kellie Thompson, Nashville, Tennessee 37204-3702

"You folks ARE GREAT!!! Thanks much for all you have done for me... everything arrived and the tub and shower are back on!! Yippie"
- Richard Fulton, Cedar, Michigan 49621-9792

"I really appreciate all of the professionalism I have seen from your organization. I plan on making future purchases, and I will recommend your online store to my friends."
- Dave Wright, Boise, Idaho 83712-7902

"Your service was so great and so quick!"
- E. Hill, Sunnyvale, California

"Thanks for your quick service... Nice prices and nice service. You'll be hearing from me again..."
- C. Miller, Ft. Collins, Colorado

"... I don't know if this was a setup so you could 'underpromise and overperform', but whatever the case, keep doing it.....Thanks"
- Barb M., Delafield, Wisconsin 53018

"... My local supplier told me it would take from ten days to two weeks for them to order it, this was just not acceptable to me, so I went to the Internet to find it... it was a great experience dealing with you and your co. over the Internet. Your web page is fantastic and informative as well as easy to use..."
- Bill J., Salem, Massachusetts

"Placed my order on Thursday and received my package on Saturday. CA to MI in 2 days. Awesome product and service. Thank you!"
- Christopher McCoy, Fenton, Michigan 48430-9299

"...I found exactly what I needed....quickly and easily...great website!"
- Paul Lucek, Scarsdale, New York 10853-3417

"... and you can add me to your happy customer list! Thanks!"
- Ken Okin, Saratoga, California 95070-6286

"I am very impressed with your service...I will continue to use your company as a resource....thank you for your superior service..."
- Maureen Graham, Marion, Ohio 43302-8311

"Your company is on the ball!" Thank you for your promptness and efficiency."
- Anne Affatato, Vero Beach, Florida 32963-3918

"Thank you for such prompt service! I received my parts in the mail yesterday - WOW!!! only two days after I e-mailed my order to you. I don't believe I've worked with any other parts house with such quick service. I intend to recommend your company to friends whenever possible."
- Curt Dreyer, Goldendale, Washington 98620-3306

"....I'm one happy customer....and I'll be recommending that my friends check you out in the future."
- Randy Breese, St. Louis, Missouri 63108-2927

"I am an Internet marketing consultant in Massachusetts with a 20 year background in the design and construction industry. I teach internet marketing, give seminars, and consult. I just wanted you to know that I rate your site very highly and will use it as an example of several good features: honest work (full service, not a shallow Internet startup hopeful), credibility building (your FAQ's), and a sense of personality plus values..."
- K. G., Hamilton, Massachusetts

"You guys are ON IT! Thanks for the GREAT service!!!!...I would not mind a bit if you used that candid 'testimonial'... I meant everything I said, and I certainly continue to feel the same way about your online services, the products you represent, and the products I have ordered and received from you..."
- C. Yara, Honolulu, Hawaii

"You guys are great... I was especially pleased with the quick service..."
- A. Hirshan, North Conway, New Hampshire 03860

"...thank you for your quick response to my order. Your professional work has helped me land an account that can make my company a lot of money. Thank you again and I will be ordering from your company in the future."
- Michael S, Whitewright, Texas

"Thanks for the prompt response and for having just the part I needed... I probably searched 10 hours (local and Internet search) for that part. Your service was prompt and excellent!"
- Margie Crader, Apex, North Carolina 27502-9008

Your privacy is VERY important to us so please note: EVERY customer that is shown here or elsewhere on our site has given us written permission to quote him or her and display their information on our site. We will NOT quote you unless we have your written permission, and as with all of our customers, we will NEVER give, share or sell your e-mail address to anyone!

"Awesome response time! You definitely live up to your motto. I expected you to ship tomorrow, which was fine, but getting it out today is even better. I don't know how often I'll be buying plumbing products, but I WILL remember fantastic service the next time I do. Pat yourselves on the back!"
- Steve Levinthal, Glenview, Illinois 60025-3708

"Your service is outstanding. Excellent company. Wish I needed more of your products more often... Not only was the service (order confirmation, and shipping) super, the timely, complete, and very helpful response to my email questions about the item was equally great. Congratulations on having such a fine company."
- Roger Anderson, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130-5619

"I was really impressed with the response time of your staff returning my inquiry email. Thank you."
- Daniel Shafar, Camas, Washington 98607-7203

"You guys have the best website I've ever used. It's clear, succinct, well organized, fast and absent of superfluous distractions or ads. Designing such a site is a very difficult job when you sell a boatload of small technical parts as your company does."
- Dave Crosby, Everett, Washington 98204-7009

"I checked a few other sites but they didn't even come close to yours in functions and ease of use. Your prices were competitive and shipping was the most reasonable. Keep up the good work. Next time I'm in need you will be my first stop."
- Betti Lohse, Sharpsville, Pennsylvania 16150

"We could not ask for better service than what we have received from PlumbingSupply.com®. They have been prompt, courteous and helpful above and beyond anything a consumer could expect. PlumbingSupply.com® will be our "go-to" source for any product we can use from their inventory and we will be sure our friends, family and contractors know about this company as well."
- Kenneth Kirkwood, Steilacoom, Washington 98388

"Thank you very much. Ordering this item from your company has been a totally satisfying experience. You provide plenty of information about the transaction and shipping detail. I was never at a loss as to the status of my order and felt very confident that your company would deliver exactly what I asked for in as short a time as possible. I don't write this kind of note very often, so am a little at a loss for words as to how to explain my satisfaction. Please be assured I am keeping your contact information and will be back to you with more business in the future. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to my friends."
- Kelly Beavers, Boulder, Colorado 80302-7132

"Thank you for being such a wonderful, professional business....I couldn't have asked for better service."
- Jerry Dewberry, Pensacola, Florida 32526-4351

"...kudos to you and your staff for excellent customer service as well as a fine product...I also will tell people about your org -- it's rare today to find someone that does what they say they'll do...Keep up the good work."
- Michael Holloway, Richmond, Virginia

"Thanks so much for the great service!"
- Dave Portocarrero, Hampont Bays, New York 11946-1130

"Neat, well done web site... keep up the good work. I bought a part from you that the manufacturer refused to sell to me."
- Bill Brydon, Kokomo, Mississippi 39643-5053

"Thank you for offering such outstanding service and value. Your delivery was much sooner that I expected, and the parts I received are of much higher quality than the original! I will definitely use your company again, and will recommend you to family and friends. Your company offers superior value and exceptional service. It was a pleasure doing business with you."
- Clay Tynes, Meridian, Mississippi 39305-1144

"Quick and clarifying email reply, even on Saturday morning! Keep it up - good job!"
- John Williams, Stallings, North Carolina 28104-8415

"I will bookmark this page for future use. The level of service is outstanding, a five star for sure!!!"
- Marie Gutzman, Ridgecrest, California 93555

"Thank you for the efficient customer service!"
- Kristopher Sanderson, Macon, Georgia 31206

"Extremely clear. Thanks! Your toilet seat display was very detailed. Pictures, diagrams and measurements assured me that I was getting exactly what I needed. And I am thrilled to get it. Your directions for ordering also assured me that I was ordering correctly. You are doing a great job and I will tell others about you... And again, thanks for your service, for your organized and thorough presentation of what you offer, and for your guidance in my decision choice. I am so satisfied with my purchase."
- Eleanor Rupp, Bluefield, West Virginia 24701-4454

"Finally the right parts! I have been trying to find plungers to replace the one that came in our 37 year old American Standard Luxor water closets and none worked right until I found yours. Your service is above and beyond, actual call to let me know they were out of stock, but were on order and they would be shipped that week, which they were. I would recommend you to everyone. Thanks for the great service."
- Lucius Bigelow, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29572-5625

"I work in marketing and I will further compliment your company for sending back a personalized response to a small client who answers your survey. That is indeed a rarity and is indicative of a company that wants to excel. The next time I look for plumbing supplies, you get first call and that's the value of good service and small details."
- Deane Fish, Altamont, New York 12009-3528

Your privacy is VERY important to us so please note: EVERY customer that is shown here or elsewhere on our site has given us written permission to quote him or her and display their information on our site. We will NOT quote you unless we have your written permission, and as with all of our customers, we will NEVER give, share or sell your e-mail address to anyone!

"Thank you for the great service. The product arrived safe and sound and was easy to install."
- Suzanne Gonzalez, Rancho Santa Margarita, California 92688-3162

"You have a great website, easy to navigate and place the order. This was my first order with your company and I will certainly use it again. My order shipped out the same day and I received it in 4 days from CA to OH (standard shipping). The product was just as it was described, easy to install (first time installing a sump pump). Pump is quiet and works beautifully! I had looked at the big box stores and just wasn't finding what I wanted. Thanks for quality supplies and service! I have your website in my list of "favorites" and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone!"
- Maggie Klintworth, Bay Village, Ohio 44140-2607

"I was dealing with a faucet failure in my master bath. The faucet was probably 25-30 years old and there is a dual setup (two sinks, two faucets). A nut on one hot water valve cracked and caused the faucet to drip. When I tried to tighten the valve nut, it broke almost in half, the valve popped out and there was a minor flood. The best local plumbing supply place did not have time to provide any detailed help with my problem. Their thought was to replace both faucets, maybe $200-400. They did not have a replacement valve or nut. I am sure if I called a plumber, I would have gotten the same answer. I found a similar faucet/valve on your website and with the help of your staff, decided my problem was the "bonnet nut". They felt is should work in my faucet even though it was not an exact match for the faucet. I examined the exploded view and drawing details from your site. I ordered it and it got here in a flash. I installed the new part and it has worked fine ever since. Dealing with your company was a pleasure and I did not expect to get the result I did with a 30 year old faucet. I feel I should go to the local plumbing supply place and make sure they have your phone number!!!"
- Willes Reeder, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334-6113

"Very big selection at comparable prices to my local hardware store. Descriptions are easy to interpret for novices like me... Thanks for the explanations of the different shower faucets. It made it extremely easy to pick the one I needed."
- Anthony Barker, New Castle, Virginia 24127-0150

"After our unit arrived damaged (at no fault of Plumbing Supply) I followed up with PS sales team and they instructed me on the next steps in order to rectify the situation. Not only did they tell me what to do next but insured our replacement for the damaged item was shipped to us within two days and followed up multiple times to make sure our needs were being met. Tremendous customer service Plumbing Supply!"
- Matt A., New Castle, Charleston, SC

"We looked in every store in our town and bought a few items only to find out our toilet is special and needs special parts so that's where you came in. Your site was easy to navigate and helped us out a lot! Again, thank you!"
- Mickenzie Blaise, St. George, Kansas 66535

- Page 17 of our Real Customer Testimonial pages -
Your privacy is VERY important to us so please note: EVERY customer that is shown here or elsewhere on our site has given us written permission to quote him or her and display their information on our site. We will NOT quote you unless we have your written permission, and as with all of our customers, we will NEVER give, share or sell your e-mail address to anyone!

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