Commercial Hood Filter Tanks

Save money by cleaning your own restaurant range/exhaust hood filters

Running a commercial kitchen can be stressful and overwhelming, and the last thing you need to worry about is dirty hood filters starting a grease fire. While it may seem easier to just hire a professional cleaning company to clean your exhaust filters, it is actually a pretty simple process with the right equipment. These sturdy filter tanks are designed to hold commercial size range/exhaust hood filters for soaking and cleaning - saving you a bundle. Their stainless steel construction will stand up to almost any cleaner, and lets you exercise complete control over what cleaning products are being used. Rolling casters and a lid mean you can store the tank almost anywhere during soaking or when not in use, so it isn't sitting there taking up space you need.

Hood filter tank
This hood filter tank features:
  • Save money by cleaning your own range and exhaust hood filters - allowing you to clean them more frequently, helping to keep your kitchen cleaner overall and reduce the risk of fire
  • Knowing exactly what types of cleaners are being used on your filters lets you choose eco-friendly cleaners to promote the safety and health of your staff and customers
  • Durable all welded stainless steel construction will stand up to almost any cleaner and last for years
  • Top lid and easy rolling casters so you can store the unit out of the way during soaking or non-use
  • Waste drain valve with handle for easy draining and cleaning of the unit itself
  • Generous size holds most commercial size range and exhaust hood filters - (inside tank dimensions - 20-3/8"W x 16-3/8"L x 26-3/8"H)
  • Overall dimensions - 22-7/8"W x 18-7/8"L x 30"H

Stainless Steel Commercial Range/Exhaust Hood Filter Tank = $620.78

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How do I clean my hood filters?"
A. We recommend first contacting the manufacturer for their recommended cleaning methods and/or products. If you do not know the manufacturer, or for some reason cannot contact them, you can clean your hoods by:

  1. Allow all of the filters to cool sufficiently to avoid burns when handling
  2. Remove the filters from the hoods and pour off the excess grease into an appropriate container
  3. Wipe the excess grease and debris from the filters, then use a degreaser and cleaning brush to gently scrub and loosen debris
  4. Soak the filters in a filter tank filled with hot water and a liquid degreaser
  5. Remove the filters from the tank and rinse with a strong stream of hot water
  6. Make sure each filter is completely dry before replacing
Please note: These are general filter cleaning directions for your convenience and guidance ONLY.® assumes no liability regarding your use of these directions. It is strongly recommended you contact the manufacturer of your filters, or consult with local authorities or cleaning professionals for the best and/or regulation-approved method of cleaning hood filters for your municipality.

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