Bemis Bidet Toilet Seat Parts

The Bemis Renew #B740, #B1740, #B940, and #B1940, as well as the Renew PLUS #B780NL, #B1780NL, #B980NL, and #B1980NL have all been discontinued. However, we offer repair parts that are still available for them. is your best source for hard to find plumbing repair parts!

Bemis Renew and Renew PLUS Bidet Toilet Seat Parts

Part # Description Price & Quantity
BIDETFILTER Odor Neutralizing Carbon Filter $19.29
BIDETACC001 Replacement Elongated Lid - White $29.76
BIDETACC004 Replacement ROUND Lid - White $29.66
BIDETACC019 Renew Remote Control with Mounting Dock $78.23
BIDETACC020 Renew PLUS Remote Control with Mounting Dock $78.71
BIDETACC023 Complete Seat Mounting Kit $12.75
BIDETACC026 Hose from Water Supply to Seat $6.38
BIDETACC027 Alternate Valve Size Installation Kit and Adapter $20.11
BIDETACC028 7/8" T-Valve $14.99

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