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Adjustable Shower Heads

by Delta (formerly Alsons)

Delta® has the best shower heads to suit your individual style! As a leader in selection, value and quality, Delta's showerheads and other shower mounting and conversion products are always an excellent choice.

The shower heads on this page are compliant with California Energy Commission water efficiency standards

Deluge Country Style Rain Showerhead with Adjustable Shower Arm Extension

Delta Deluge Shower Head
This downpour shower head features:
  • Classic styled rain style shower head installs on your existing showerarm for a new look and feel without new plumbing
  • Adjustable arm swings up or down 18" making this an easy way to lower or raise your shower head to just the right height
  • Soothing, gentle rain-like shower spray
  • Solid heavy gauge brass is chrome plated
  • 6" diameter shower head
  • Extra large wing nuts provide leverage for snug adjustments
  • Fits standard 1/2" threaded shower arms
  • Click for dimensions
  • Standard shower arm sold separately

Deluge Rain Showerhead with Adjustable Shower Arm Extension - Chrome $56.97

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Classic 7-Spray/Massage Shower Head

Classic Style 5-Spray/Massage shower head, shown in white
This classic style shower head features:
  • Easy to install
  • Easy turn spray dial switches between 5 spray patterns: full body, fast massage, shampoo rinsing, water saving pause/trickle, full spray w/massage, soft drench, soft drench w/massage
  • Rub clean nozzles make removing mineral deposits easy
  • Available in a variety of finishes to suit your shower
  • 3-1/4" face diameter
  • Manufactured using engineering grade plastics
  • Shower arm and flange sold separately
  • Click for dimensions

Model # Finish Price & Quantity
52625-WH White $40.20
52625 Chrome $60.11
52625-PB Polished Brass $95.98
52625-RB Venetian Bronze $111.03
52625-SS Stainless $96.16

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5-Spray Massage Shower Head

plastic ball joint 5-spray massage shower heads
This massage shower head features:
  • Easy to install massaging shower head
  • 3" face diameter
  • Easy turn spray dial switches between 5 spray patterns: full body, full spray, fast massage, soft drench and shampoo rinsing sprays.
  • Anti clog nozzles rub clean to remove mineral deposits
  • Available in multiple finishes
  • Manufactured using engineering grade plastics
  • Shower arm and flange sold separately
  • Click for dimensions

Model # Finish Price & Quantity
52635 Chrome $37.70
52635-SS-PK Stainless $57.51

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Adjustable 6-Jet Shower Head

Delta 6-jet shower head with all metal construction
This massage shower head features:
  • Metal constructed six jet shower head
  • Adjustable spray knob controls spray intensity
  • Complete coverage with 6 powerful spray jets
  • Durable with an all-brass ball connector
  • Available in multiple finishes

Model # Finish Price & Quantity
52667 Chrome $37.50
52667-SS Stainless $49.98

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Traditional 5 Spray with Massage

Traditional 5 Spray w/ Massage
This traditional 5 spray w/ massage features:
  • Traditional styling brings elegance to your shower
  • Easy turn spray dial switches between 5 spray settings - full body spray, fast massage, full spray massage, aerated spray and the pause/trickle function
  • Trickle setting saves water during shampooing or soap-up
  • Anti-clog nozzles for removal of mineral deposits
  • Available in a variety of lovely finishes with matching face plate
  • Flow rate is 2.5 GPM at 80 psi
  • Click for dimensions

Model # Finish Price & Quantity
52678 Chrome $64.14
52678-PB Polished Brass $101.75
52678-RB Venetian Bronze $102.03
52678-SS Stainless $102.04

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Eco-Saver Water Amplifying Shower Head

Green Design Shower Head
This green design shower head features:
  • Fluidics water saving technology saves 36 percent more water than standard shower heads without feeling like a "low flow" shower head
  • This single-function shower head makes 1.6 gpm water flow feel like 2.5 gpm
  • Large holes in faceplate make cleaning easier
  • Manufactured using engineering grade plastics
  • Fits standard 1/2" IPS shower arms
  • Brass ball connector
  • Flow rate is 1.6 GPM at 80 psi
  • Shower arm, & escutcheon sold separately
  • Click for dimensions

Eco-Saver 52655 Water Amplifying Shower Head - Chrome = $34.98

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Water Saving Shower Head With Flow Control

Water Saving Shower Head w/Spray Lever shown in Stainless
This water saving shower head w/ spray lever features:
  • Water saving options on this uniquely elegant single function shower head make it a must-have for your shower
  • Fluidics water saving technology controls the water's velocity allowing a lower flow to feel like a standard shower head
  • Flow control lever allows the flow to be adjusted at 2.5 or 1.85 GPM
  • When set to 1.85 GPM, this shower head saves 26 percent more water than standard shower heads
  • Large holes in face plate make cleaning easier
  • Constructed of engineering grade plastics
  • Brass ball connector
  • Click for dimensions
  • Shower arm, & escutcheon sold separately

Water Saving Shower head 52657 with Flow Control - Chrome = $45.78

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6" Standard Shower Arm and Flange

image of model U4993 Delta shower arm  in chrome
These new standard shower arms will help update the look of your shower. This 6" shower arm is available in many beautiful finishes, and comes with a matching flange (escutcheon). Enhance your décor with matching finish pieces from Delta.

Model # Finish Price & Quantity
U4993 Chrome $14.36
U4993-PB Polished Brass $28.79
U4993-SS Stainless (shown above) $39.15
U4993-RB Venetian® Bronze $28.13

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10" Adjustable Shower Arm

image of Delta model UA902-PK 12 inch adjustable shower arm
This 10" adjustable shower arms features:
  • Swinger 10" adjustable shower arm
  • Actual overall dimension: 10-57/64"

UA902-PK Adjustable 10" Shower Arm - Chrome = $25.63

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Do you sell any showerheads that completely shut off water flow?"
A. No, and we are not aware of any showerheads that have the ability to completely stop water flow. With your shower valve still open and the showerhead completely closed, it is possible for hot water to force itself into the cold water line. Once the showerhead is opened again, only hot water flows for a moment, creating a risk of scalding. Showerheads are normally manufactured to dribble a small amount and prevent this from occurring.

Q. "Why can't I buy a showerhead that puts out more water?"
A. It is now a federal law that all showerheads sold in the United States must be low-flow.

Q. "Does the showerhead I ordered swivel, or do I need an additional part for it to do so?"
A. It is rare for a showerhead not to have a swivel feature unless its position adjustment is in the shower arm or it is a "flat" model that is meant to be installed parallel to the floor. With the exception of those mentioned, some industrial models and most handshowers, standard-style showerheads generally come with a built-in swivel feature.

Q. "How can I prevent my children from getting scalded in the shower?"
A. We sell numerous scald-guard protection products. See our scald-guard page.

Q. "I ordered a Delta shower component and received an Alsons part. I believe I was shipped the wrong product?
A. If the part numbers on the Alsons box are the same number as the Delta number, or the product looks like the item you ordered then you received the correct item. The Masco Corporation owns the Delta Faucet Company and acquired the Alsons Corporation in 1987. On December 31, 2011, the Masco Corporation integrated the Alsons brand products into the Delta Faucet Company, so you could receive a Delta part in an Alsons labeled carton.

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