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Single-Handled Kitchen Faucet Parts

for Valley Faucets

- genuine Valley brand parts -® is your source for genuine Valley repair parts. Why replace when you may be able to repair your quality Valley faucet?

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Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Parts
New Style
Valley Kitchen
Old Style
Valley Kitchen
Item # Part # and Description Price & Quantity
1 V1165 - single metal lever handle (old style) - chrome
- Original Design (stamped hot/cold at end of handle)
V1166 - single metal lever handle (old style) - chrome
- Contemporary Design (not stamped hot/cold at end of handle)
3 VP1989 - single lever - chrome plated - metal $19.38
4 VP1780 - handle adapter screw $1.45
5 VP1963 - stem adapter $2.09
6 V8228 CP - bonnet nut - chrome $13.11
7 VP1713 - bonnet lock ring $2.41
8 VP1712 - bonnet nut - chrome $13.48
9 V6680 genuine - single handle cartridge $17.67
9a V6680 "will fit" - single handle cartridge $12.98
10 VP1964 - single handle cartridge - Non-Div. $15.41
VP1965 - single handle cartridge with diverter built in $21.13
  VP1952 - port seal ring - EACH
(fits the VP1964 & VP1965 cartridges)
Item # Part # and Description Price & Quantity
11 V6656 - spout without diverter Discontinued
12 VP1996 - 8" spout - chrome Discontinued
VP1923 - 9½" spout - chrome Discontinued
13 V100K - aerator $7.21
14 V7713 - diverter assembly Discontinued
16 V1121 - deck gasket $5.51
17 V6645 - bagged nuts and washers Discontinued
19 V7714 - spray and hose assembly Discontinued
20 V7715 - hose guide w/nut - chrome $6.47
21 V1001 - single control repair kit $9.97
23 V1112 - o-ring kit $5.59
25 V7059 - seals and springs $3.89

Note: Please be sure you are ordering the correct Valley part. Valley makes more than one model of double and single faucets. The parts that we show are what we ship. We do charge a restocking fee if you order the wrong Valley parts.

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Please note: Although the parts we have available are made from the same molds used by the original manufacturer - Valley is no longer in business, so warranty coverage on existing products is no longer available. Parts that we offer fall under our standard policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What's the difference (besides a slightly different look) between the VP1964 Non-Diverter and the VP1965 Diverter cartridges?"
A. The VP1964 Non-Diverter cartridge is used for all Valley "new style" single control kitchen and lavatory faucets that do NOT have a hand spray attachment. The VP1965 Diverter cartridge has a diverter in it to divert water from the spout to the hand spray when the hand spray lever is pushed. The VP1965 Diverter cartridge is used on single control kitchen and lavatory faucets with a hand spray attachment except for the Valley Hi-Style series. The Valley Hi-Style kitchen faucets use the VP1964 Non-Diverter cartridge because the diverter is located in the base of the spout and not in the cartridge. Click here to compare each cartridge.

Note: The VP1964 Non-Diverter cartridge is also used for Valley "new style" bath/shower valves. This does not include the back-to-back or pressure balance bath/shower valves because a different style cartridge is used.

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