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Single-Handled Pressure Balance Tub/Shower Parts

for Valley Faucets
- genuine Valley brand parts -® is your source for genuine Valley repair parts. Why replace when you may be able to repair your quality Valley faucet?

Valley pressure balance bath and shower faucet

Item Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 V4283 Starfire Acrylic Handle Assembly WITHOUT Stops - Clear & Chrome $14.71
2 V4220 Index Button - Chrome $3.09
3 V7833 Handle Screw $1.72
4 V7800 Starfire Acrylic Handle ONLY - Clear $11.27
V78006 Starfire Acrylic Handle ONLY - Smoke $17.47
5 V3965-YS Handle Adapter Assembly - Chrome
includes V3955 Yellow Cold Stem Adapter & V3966 Screw
V39656C Handle Adapter Assembly - Antique Brass
includes V3955 Yellow Cold Stem Adapter & V3966 Screw
6 V3965 Handle Adapter ONLY - Chrome $17.52
V39656 Handle Adapter ONLY - Antique Brass $43.86
7 V3966 Screw - Chrome $0.84
V39664 Screw - Polished Brass - Replaced by V39668 $3.01
8 V3955 Stem Adapter Insert For V3965 Handle Adapter (COLD - Yellow) $3.42
9 Lever See lever handle options below
10 V3988 Porcelain Cross Handle - Chrome Discontinued
V39886 Porcelain Cross Handle - Antique Brass $42.58
V39884 Porcelain Cross Handle - Polished Brass - Replaced by V39888 $42.28
11 V6940 Plug Button - Chrome $2.15
V69406 Plug Button - Antique Brass Discontinued
V69404 Plug Button - Polished Brass - Replaced by V69408 $6.44
12 V8189 Handle Screw Discontinued
13 V4206 Maximum Temperature Stop $1.62
14 V4205 Stop Bushing $1.48
15 V4269 Bonnet Nut - Chrome $7.58
16 V4197GB Sleeve - Chrome $8.37
V44046 Sleeve - Antique Brass $24.02
V44044 Sleeve - Polished Brass - Replaced by V44048 Discontinued
17 V4268 Pressure Balance Cartridge - includes o-ring kit $62.20
18 V4200 O-Ring Kit $6.27
19 V6644 Escutcheon Screw - 2-3/4" - Chrome (PAIR) $4.94
V664418 Escutcheon Screw - 2-3/4" - White (PAIR) $4.93
V66444 Escutcheon Screw - 2-3/4" - Polished Brass (PAIR) - Replaced by V66448 $9.08
V66446 Escutcheon Screw - 2-3/4" - Antique Brass (PAIR) $8.74
20 V4273V Escutcheon - Chrome (zinc plated) $42.33
V42738 Original V42738 Escutcheon - Polished Brass Discontinued
Suitable Replacement - Escutcheon - Polished Brass V42864 $78.14
21 V4427 Standard Shower Head - Chrome - shop for a replacement shower head Discontinued
22 V4426 "Like Valley" 6" Shower Arm - Chrome $6.82
V44266 "Like Valley" 6" Shower Arm - Antique Brass $19.81
V44268 "Like Valley" 6" Shower Arm - Polished Brass $13.35
23 V4425 Shower Arm Escutcheon - Chrome - Replaced by "will fit" $1.14
24 V8262 Shower Arm O-Ring $0.76
25 V4428 "Like Valley" Tub Spout WITH Diverter - Chrome $13.39
V44284 "Like Valley" Tub Spout WITH Diverter - Polished Brass $59.41
V4504 "Like Valley" Slip-on Tub Spout WITH Diverter - Chrome $38.06
V45044 "Like Valley" Slip-on Tub Spout WITH Diverter - Polished Brass $67.14

Need a little more grease? Stem & O-Ring Lubricant (1/4 oz.) = $2.52

Many of these parts are "like" (substitute) Valley parts.

Please carefully compare available pictures and diagrams with your faucet to be sure you are ordering the correct Valley part.The parts that we show are what we ship. We do charge a restocking fee if you order the wrong Valley parts.

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Lever Handle Options

Description Part # Accents Price & Quantity
small picture of the v3964 solid brass handle in chromeSolid Brass Handle V3964 Chrome $14.53
small picture of the V3986 porcelain handle in chromePorcelain Handle V3986 Chrome Discontinued
Replaced by V39868
Polished Brass $7.73
small picture of the Wood Handle with Chrome accentsWood Handle V3962 Chrome $7.70
Replaced by V39628
Polished Brass $8.16
V39626 Antique Brass $8.19
small picture of the V39894 Lead Crystal Handle with Chrome accentsLead Crystal Handle V3989 Chrome $32.68
Replaced by V39898
Polished Brass $30.85
V39896 Antique Brass $31.82
small picture of the V39504 Marble handle with Polished Brass AccentsAsh Marble Handle V39504
Replaced by V39508
Polished Brass $11.50
V39506 Antique Brass Discontinued
small picture of the Black Marble Handle with Polished Brass AccentsBlack Marble Handle V39494
Replaced by V39498
Polished Brass $12.04
small picture of the clear acrylic handle V3960Acrylic Handle V3960 Clear $8.34

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Looking for more Valley Faucet parts?

Please note: Although the parts we have available are made from the same molds used by the original manufacturer, Valley is no longer in business, so warranty coverage on existing products is no longer available. Parts that we offer fall under our standard policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Certain parts have been discontinued and replaced by "like Valley" or "will fit" parts. What does this mean?"
A. Valley went out of business in the late 1990's. Many of the parts are no longer made and/or Valley has not made or offered those parts for a number of years. Some don't like the newer styles of "like Valley" or "will fit" parts, but none of us have a choice or option. These new style parts do fit, and we do still stock many of them for those who either can't or don't want to replace their quality Valley faucet yet.

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