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Bidet-style Toilet Seats - Washlets
by Toto

Would you like to have a bidet but don't have the space to install another fixture in your bathroom? Now you can get the cleansing benefits of a bidet right from your toilet seat! The ultimate in personal hygiene for both men and women, these bidet-style washlet seats offer features ranging from warm air and various temperature settings to aerated water. After experiencing the gentle cleansing and the heated, SoftClose seat, you'll wish you had found these sooner!

Toto S300E Washlet Toilet Seat (formerly the Jasmine)

Image of Toto S300E toilet seat
Washlet Features:
  • Adjustable temperature and pressure for front and rear washing
  • Adjustable temperature heated toilet seat
  • Convenient remote control
  • Lighted touch pad with dual user memory
  • Automatic air deodorizer
  • Adjustable warm air dryer
  • Built in night light
  • Pre-mist of the bowl maintains toilet cleaniness
  • #THU9090 Washlet Adapter Kit needed for Aquia I, II & III, Maris and Pacifica two-piece toilets
  • View washlet dimensions
  • View compatibility with Toto one-piece and two-piece toilets
The S300E features a new slimmer design, at just four inches high. This washlet, while compact, has an array of satisfying hygienic highlights such as the Wonderwave® spray and the new eWater+™ function. While shopping for bidet-style toilet seats and compairing models, you'll find that this seat offers "the most bang for your buck".

Model Description Price & Quantity
SW573-01 Cotton White - Round $777.59
SW573-12 Sedona Beige - Round $884.83
SW574-01 Cotton White - Elongated $778.69
SW574-12 Sedona Beige - Elongated $886.43
THU9090 Washlet Adapter Kit
(required to install these washlets on some two-piece toilets)

- OR - View Cart

Don't have a TOTO Toilet but you still want a TOTO Washlet?
Will the S300E Washlet fit your toilet?

S300E Washlet SW574 (elongated)
S300E Washlet SW573 (round)
Toto S300E compatibility chart
Note: Some styles of toilets may not allow the S300E to be installed due to certain contours near the tank and bowl area (see figures below). In the figure on the left side below, dimension D does not allow for enough open space to accommodate the minimum width of 9 inches.

Will this Toto Washlet work with my non-TOTO toilet?
* The blue highlighted areas indicate the S300E Washlet.

Dimensions Dimension Requirements
A Elongated - Approximately 18-1/2 inches
Round - Approximately 16-1/2 inches
B Minimum of 1-3/4 inches from front most face of tank to center of mounting bolt holes.
C Approximately 5-1/2 inches
D Minimum 9 inches of open space from center of S300E Washlet (or toilet to edge of S300E Washlet and flat bowl surface).
E Approximately 2-1/4"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Will these seats work with 220volts?"
A. These wonderful toilet seats require 120volts (standard AC) protected by a GFI (ground fault interrupter).

Q. "I'm sold. I'd like to just try one and maybe I'd keep it. Can I try it and if I don't like it just have you pick it up?"
A. Unfortunately we do not sell used or returned toilet seats (so you know that when you purchase one from us it is new and not a returned bidet) and therefore, once you purchased it, it is yours. If any HomeTech or Toto bidet seat prove to be defective within 30 days we will ship you another one (once we have received the original one). We have never seen a defective Toto or HomeTech seat, as they are both of excellent quality. After 30 days the warranties are handled by the respective manufacturers.

Q. "How long will it take for these seats to ship?"
A. Most manufacturers ship with 24 to 72 hours from receipt of the order. We will contact you right away if there is a delay in shipping beyond this lead time.

Q. "What is the Wonderwave® spray?"
A. The Wonderwave® spray describes all of the amazing features packed into the washlet's wand. These features include the gentle aerated, warm water, dual action spray and the oscillation and pulsating features as well as the adjustable warm air drying settings.

Q. "What is the eWater+™ function?"
A. This function uses water to mist the toilet bowl after each use. This makes a clean toilet bowl easier to maintain and reduces the need of using harsh cleaning chemicals frequently.

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