Copper Vessel Bathroom Sinks

A unique solution to your bathroom sink needs can be found right here on®! These striking hand-hammered copper vessel sinks add a warm element to any décor, and provide a durable yet charming addition to your home.
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15" diameter - 6-1/8" depth
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is a vessel sink?"
A. A vessel sinks is a free-standing bowl, available in many styles and sizes. Most vessel sinks (not all) have a unique flat bottom which does not require a mounting ring, so they can sit on top of a counter or on a stand designed to accommodate a vessel sink.

Q. "Will the color of copper sinks change over time?"
A. A copper finish is a living finish that never really stops changing in color. As it ages the color becomes even more beautiful. The sink will turn to an elegant weathered copper patina (similar to that of an old penny) finish adding rich beauty to any bathroom.

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