Installing Easy Clean Toilet Seats

While Easy-Clean toilet seats may be one of the easiest styles to remove once you have them on the toilet, they might seem a little odd if you're more accustomed to standard toilet seat installations. No fear, we'll show you, step by step, how to install these terrific seats.
Please note: The Affinity toilet seat has replaced the original Easy Clean seat in select colors, including white. Installation instructions for the older style E3 easy clean hinges can be found on our page.

Easy•Clean Hinged Toilet Seat Installation

Tools needed: 1/2" Socket Wrench

Step 1:
After removing the seat from the packaging and opening the parts bag, slide the bolt covers on the toilet seat to the "unlocked" position (to the left).

Step 2:
Flip the lid over so you are looking at the underside. Snap the plastic ends of the bolts into each of the bolt-holes on the lid and push them in until they click.

Step 3: Turn the seat back over and move the bolt covers into the locked position. Place the bolts through the bolt-holes on the toilet. Now thread on the special nuts provided and hand tighten until snug.

Step 4:
Next, use a 1/2" socket wrench (or an adjustable wrench) to tighten the nuts to the proper tightness. Notice that the nuts provided have two sections; the section on the bottom is designed to break off when the proper amount of torque is applied. These unique nuts make it so you can't over tighten the nut and damage your seat or toilet, if used properly. When tightening, place either style of wrench on the bottom portion of the nut only.

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