DIAMOND Seal Faucet Parts

By Delta

DIAMOND Seal Single Handle Faucet Replacement Cartridge

Delta RP50587 valve assembly
  • Fits all Delta DIAMOND Seal single handle kitchen (including Touch2O®), bar/prep, and lavatory faucets
  • Easy to set built-in temperature stop allows you to set the handle motion for full flow hot water to a 50/50 hot/cold mix, helping to reduce the risk of scalding
  • Unique technology requires no lubrication or seal replacement
  • Long-lasting performance with durable, corrosion-resistant construction
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Delta DIAMOND Seal Single Handle Faucet Replacement Cartridge = $58.37

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Are real diamonds used in these faucets or their parts?"
A. Yes, but not the diamonds you would typically find in a jewelry store. Carbon (the source of diamonds) is taken and electrically charged. Then, using high amounts of pressure, fused to a ceramic plate, creating a diamond coating that is clear and nearly indestructible.

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