Cooking Torch for Dessert Chefs

Great for meringue pies, pastries, etc.

This professional culinary torch is used by thousands of top notch pastry chefs throughout the USA. It's extremely easy to use - just push the trigger and it's lit - and uses common propane and MAPP® that you can find just about everywhere. This culinary chef's torch can be used upside down or sideways with no fuss! Forget about the torch and focus on your fabulous dessert creation.

TurboSkill Self-Igniting Torch

TurboSkill SK-7000 Torch
  • Built in piezo igniter for instant flame (no matches or flint striker required)
  • 180° swivel tip for easy maneuvering
  • Non-adjustable flame provides the same even heat every time
  • Burns both propane and MAPP® gas (without changing the orifice)
  • Easy operation - simply push the trigger and it's on
  • Trigger locks for safety
  • Extremely efficient and long lasting torch
  • UL listed

TurboSkill #SK-7000 Self Igniting Torch = $96.44

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