Vic's Aranui 3 adventures (Sep/Oct 2008)

The Aranui 3 is like no other supply ship.

In September and October 2008 our founder Vic took a trip on the Aranui 3 which is a 386 foot long supply ship supplying the Marquesas islands.
The Aranui3 carries up to 200 passengers per trip however their primary purpose is to supply a number of isolated Marquesas islands every three weeks.
It's a mixed passenger/cargo ship which starts and ends in Tahiti and it supplies the exotic Marquesas islands of Nuku Hiva (Taiohae-Hatiheu-Taipival), Hiva Oa (Atuona and Puamau-Hanaiapa)), Ua Pou (Hakahau-Hakahetau), Fatu Hiva (Omoa-Hanavave), Ua Huka (Vaipaee-Hane-Hokatu), and Tahuata (Vaitahu-Hapatoni) as well as it stops for snorkeling and visiting at the Tuamotu coral atolls of Rangiroa and Fakarava.

Vic snorkeling Fakarava Tuamotu
Vic snorkeling on the island of Fakarava (Tuamotu) with the Aranui 3 in the background. The Aranui3 on the way to the Marquesas islands stops there. On the way back it stops in Rangiroa for more snorkeling.
Aranui 3 Marquesas
The Aranui 3 anchors out on most of the islands of the Marquesas and then their loads are placed onto barges which then get unloaded onto the shore with forklifts and similar machinery. On some islands it is all done with hand labor.
The workers on the Aranui encountered very dangerous work when off-loading heavy machinery in rough seas.
Aranuie supply ship
Aranui goes to each island once every three weeks throughout the year. It not only delivers cars, horses, heavy machinery, lots of soft drinks, frozen chickens, canned foods, and all other necessities for the Marquesas islands that it visits but it also buys Copra and other local goods. Above the workers of the Aranui are bringing back copra to the boat.
Aranui 3 supplying the Marquesas
Aranui 3 bringing diesel fuel to the Marquesas
The Aranui supplies lots of canned and frozen foods as well as diesel fuel and other necessities.
Aranui 3 delivering lots of cars to the Marquesas
The number of cars and pickup trucks that the Aranui delivers to the many Marquesas islands is amazing.
Aranui 3 Marquesas
The Aranui both delivers as well as picks up produce.
Aranui 3 entertainment on the boat
At night on the Aranui the crew entertains the passengers.
pizza in Tahiti
In Tahiti a grocery store had a 22 meter long free pizza celebrating 22 years in business. Vic says that the free pizza was great. The price of food in Tahiti (2008) was on average at least twice what we pay for food in the U.S.. Only a few items were low priced which are the food products subsidized by the French government (such as French baguettes).
In Tahiti
The peoples in the French Polynesian islands were wonderfully friendly. This picture was taken of Vic and his wife at a party which they accidentally walked in on and were totally welcomed at.
Aranui 3 Marquesas
Aranui 3 in the back ground on the island of Fakarava (Tuamotu).
Marquesas is mango heaven
Never have I seen so many of the largest and most abundant and best tasting mangos anywhere.
Aranui 3 copra Marquesas
Copra (coconut) drying out ready to be picked up by the Aranui (in background)
Aranui 3 Marquesas
The Aranui allows the passengers to visit islands which have many celebrations.
End of our journey
Picture at the end of our journey (yes, the image in the background is real).

Our Founder truly enjoyed his adventures on the Aranui 3
and recommends it for all those who are into adventure and a non-cruise like cruise.

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"He is the best sailor who can steer within the fewest points of the wind, and exact a motive power out of the greatest obstacles."
- Henry David Thoreau

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