Santa Cruz 27 sailboat adventure

Sailing in Santa Cruz, California

The weather was fantastic that day and the Santa Cruz 27 sailboat sailed like a dream.

September 2003 our Founder Vic took some sailing lessons in Santa Cruz from:

Pacific Yachting and Sailing - Santa Cruz California
Pacific Yachting and Sailing
in Santa Cruz small vessel marina
Marc, owner of Pacific Yachting and Sailing does a great job.

Santa Cruz 27 sailboat
above Vic standing ony the Santa Cruz 27 sailboat
named La Paz that he took private sailing lessons on for two days.

Barry was Vic's instructor the first day. He is an excellent sailing instructor and Vic learned a lot. Barry loves to tell how a sailing term came about. It helps one to remember the name and his way of teaching was excellent. Vic would like to recommend Barry to anyone who wants to learn how to sail and Santa Cruz is a great place to learn.

Tina gave Vic lessons the next day. Tina is a very experienced sailing instructor who had just came back from sailing the Alta Vita (the Transpac 2003 race division-II winner). She helped bring the Alta Vita back from Honolulu to her home port in Santa Cruz harbor. Tina is very experienced and knowledgeable and Vic also learned a lot from Tina (on the fast Santa Cruz 27).

Santa Cruz 27 sail boat
On both instruction days the weather was "ideal." Nice sunny weather with winds from 5 to 15 miles per hour. The Santa Cruz 27 sailboat handled very well. It's not a cruiser like Vic's former Catalina 250 or his former Catalina 34MKII and is designed as a racer. Compared to the Catalina 250 there was virtually no room down below. For a 27 foot long day racer it can't be beat.

Santa Cruz California boardwalk as seen from the bay
Above is a picture of the Santa Cruz boardwalk as seen from the Santa Cruz 27 sailboat.

The first Santa Cruz 27 was built in 1973. It was designed and built to be a racer.Only approximately 145 were built. The Santa Cruz 27 sail boats originally were developed for the 225 mile downwind Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara race. The Santa Cruz 27 is considered by many to be a very strong and seaworthy sail boat. All in all, Vic had a very enjoyable sail boating experience on the Santa Cruz 27 from Pacific Yachting and Sailing located in Santa Cruz, California.

Our Founder truly enjoyed sailing on the Santa Cruz 27 sailboat named LaPaz.

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