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Lake Oroville Sailing to Bloomers Cove

Our founder Vic loves sailing.

Vic was a member of the CYC and organized this cruise.
He got the Lake Oroville Yacht Club, Butte Sailing Club,
and the CYC together for a cruise on Lake Oroville May 17/18, 2003.
The weather was perfect, the lake was almost full.
The wind Gods were on our side and life was good.
Many sailed (some raced) to Bloomers Cove.

Even veteran sailors Dorothy and George rented a patio boat
for the day and CYC Commodore Paul and wife Molly
spent the day on the lake as well. Good times were had by all.

Some members brought their other toys (kayaks).

15 sailboats tied up together ("rafting up") for the night.

A great Saturday, evening and Sunday morning.
On the left, 8 Lake Oroville Yacht Club sailboats
and on the right, 7 CYC sailboats.

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"The gods do not deduct from a mans allotted span, those days spent sailing."
- Ancient proverb

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