Gamma Delta Psi Fraternity

From Tarzana, Northridge and Van Nuys

Gamma Delta Psi Fraternity (San Fernando Valley) sending Vic our founder their
holiday wishes while he was in DaNang and Hue, Vietnam
- December 1966 -

Vic and other members of Gamma Delta Psi adding
some "nutrients" to Ron's (aka: "animal") cereal

Vic was a member of Gamma Delta Psi from 1965 through approximately 1970 (in U.S. Navy from 1966 - 1968).

It was basically a party oriented "fraternity" similar to "Animal House" (not quite as bad as that).

It was a great fun fraternity and not much oriented towards academia (education was encouraged but not a focal point of Gamma Delta Psi).

Yes, parties and girls was GDP's main theme (especially when the frat house was located in Tarzana).

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