Sailing in The Netherlands on the Eenhoorn Sailboat

Vic eenhoorn 1903 clipper ship

The Eenhorn - 1903 Clipper ship

In 2002 our Founder, Vic went to the Netherlands for an 11 day sailing adventure on the Eenhoorn. The sailing adventure started at the town of Hoorn, then sailed daily to different towns: Enkhuizen, Medemblik, island of Texel, Makkum, Stavoren, Lelystad, Marken, Volendam and Amsterdam (stayed 2 days there). Vic learned a lot and had a great experience.

Vic eenhoorn moving boom

Vic moving the main boom on the Eenhoorn

Vic our founder in Holland while sailing

Vic smiling on the Eenhoorn

Vic eenhoorn five sails artistic view

An artistic view of the 5 sails on the Eenhoorn

Vic eenhoorn holland food

Authentic Dutch herring tasted great

Vic eenhoorn skippers

The wonderful Skippers: Jannette Sluik and Jan Bouwman

The Eenhoorn can take up to 35 guests for a day trip and up to 26 sleeping overnight (designed for 22 guests plus cooks, and staff). Caution, the cabins are VERY small with no storage capacity for large bags, suitcases, etc.

The Eenhoorn (Unicorn) was built in 1903 in Zeeland and was used as a general cargo carrier. She was upgraded and completely rebuilt/remodeled in 1990 as a cruising vessel.

The overall length of the Eenhoorn is 96 feet, and the beam is 21 feet, with a draught of only 5 feet. Boats built for these waters have no keel and are flat bottomed. 13,000 lbs of fresh water and 46,000 lbs of cement provide sailing stability.

Lateral sailing stability is provided by two large leeboards. The main and mizzen sails were gaffs rigged.

Hoisting the approximately 500-pound main gaff was accomplished with a hand cranked geared winch.

With 5 sails totaling approximately 4,100 square feet of sails.

The Captain's quarters are topside aft. Below deck aft are the crew accommodations.

Topside just forward of the mizzenmast, is a large cockpit that will comfortably seat a dozen people. A large starboard companionway leads below into the large saloon and gallery. Forward of the saloon are ten cabins, two bunks per cabin.

Each cabin has a small wash basin, opening skylight, and a door into a shared bath/shower.

The home port of the Eenhorn is the city of Hoorn in North Holland, The Netherlands.

View me to read some great quotes such as:
"There is a rule in sailing where the more maneuverable ship should give way to the less maneuverable craft. I think this is sometimes a good rule to follow in human relationships as well."
- Joyce Brothers

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