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Two/Three-Handled Tub/Shower parts

for Valley Faucets® is your source for genuine Valley repair parts. Why replace when you may be able to repair your quality Valley faucet?

- fits Valley brand double handles shower valves -

Old Style (before 1991)

Valley Shower

Part # Price & Quantity
1 Valley faucet parts V6943 CP Hot $3.25
Valley faucet parts V6944 CP Cold $3.31
Valley faucet parts V68066 PB/AB Hot NLA
use V6943
Valley faucet parts V68076 PB/AB Cold NLA
use V6944
2 Valley faucet parts V7833 $1.49
3 Valley faucet parts V6859 CP HOT $11.22
COLD $11.13
PAIR $18.89
3a Valley faucet parts V6859L CP
"Like Valley"
HOT $8.46
COLD $8.40
PAIR $15.57
3b Valley faucet parts V7881
to most popular Valley handles
Valley faucet parts V68594 PB NLA
use V6859CP
Valley faucet parts V68596 AB NLA
use V6859CP
4 Valley faucet parts V5882 CP (1 3/8" id) $11.57
Valley faucet parts V58828 PB(1 3/8" id) $22.93
Valley faucet parts V58826 AB (1 3/8" id) NLA
Part # Price & Quantity
5 Valley faucet parts V5825 CP (1 1/16" id) NLA
Valley faucet parts V58254 PB NLA
Valley faucet parts V58256 AB NLA
6* Valley faucet parts V4716 CP
(replaced by V4782)
Valley faucet parts V47164 PB
(replaced by V47828)
Valley faucet parts V47166 AB
(replaced by V47826)
7* Valley faucet parts V4715 CP
8* Valley faucet parts V5804 CP NLA
Valley faucet parts V58044 PB NLA
Valley faucet parts V58046 AB NLA
10 Valley faucet parts V3757 $1.36
11a Valley faucet parts V5805 (white)* $8.34
11b Valley faucet parts V5806 (black)* $8.46
12 Valley faucet parts V6804
PAIR $13.64
EACH $9.33
12a Valley faucet parts V6804
"will fit"
PAIR $11.65
EACH $7.06
15 Valley faucet parts V7059 $3.89
16 Valley faucet parts V6864 NLA
NLA = Part is no longer available.
CP = Chrome Faucet, PB = Polished Brass Faucet, AB = Antique Brass Faucet (lim.stk)

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* When replacing extension stems, you'll need:
two white stem extensions (V5805) for double round handles or
one each white (V5805) and black (V5806) stem extensions for lever handles

Photo of this chrome trim kit for Valley double handled showers Fits Valley OLD & NEW STYLE double handle showers
Kit includes:
  • Two #V6859 Handle Assembly
  • Two #V5882 Escutcheons
  • Two #V4782 Sleeves

Chrome Trim Kit For Valley Double Handle Showers = $55.72

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New Style (after 1991)

Valley Shower
Part # Price & Quantity
1 V6943 CP Hot $3.25
V6944 CP Cold $3.31
V6935 CP Div $2.79
V68066 PB/AB Hot NLA
use V6943
V68076 PB/AB Cold NLA
use V6944
V68546 PB/AB Div NLA
2 V7833 $1.49
3a V6859 CP
HOT $11.22
COLD $11.13
PAIR $18.89
3aa V6859L CP
"Like Valley"
HOT $8.46
COLD $8.40
PAIR $15.57
3b V6857 $11.20
4a V5882 CP $11.57
V58824 PB $22.93
V58826 AB NLA
Part # Price & Quantity
4b V4800 CP $14.83
V48004 PB $23.56
V48006 AB $26.63
5 V1814 CP
V18148 PB
6 V4782 CP $8.29
V47826 AB $18.76
V47828 PB $16.05
7 V7835 $1.01
8 V6860 $11.39
9 V4929 CP $13.07
V49294 PB NLA
use V58824PB**
V49296 AB $18.33
10 V6856 $17.21
11 V4943 $10.34
12 V6864 NLA
16 V4790 $5.34
* Please specify Hot, Cold or Diverter.
**V58824PB will work, but the space between the escutcheon will be less
CP = Chrome Faucet, PB = Polished Brass Faucet, AB = Antique Brass Faucet

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "On some of the Valley parts you show a (l.s.) or an * mark. Does that mean they are no longer available at all?"
A. It means that they are no longer made and limited to stock. It also means that we might have some part that fits but that it might not fit perfectly. Please note that if you order a part with the word "lim.stk." or "l.s." or the green "*" then we might not have any of those parts. The part might not be a perfect fit but will work (although not as good as the original part). We only buy genuine Valley parts from the manufacturer. But do note that if the part is no longer made, that is out of our control. Please note that "antique" is no longer offered by Valley, but in many cases we will have the part (with no promise of future availability).

Please note: Although the parts we have available are made from the same molds used by the original manufacturer - Valley is no longer in business, so warranty coverage on existing products is no longer available. Parts that we offer fall under our standard policy.

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