Valley Single Handle Lavatory Specifications

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Centerset lavatory faucet with a variety of handle styles (including lever, round acrylic, teardrop acrylic, and loop), select models were available with or without pop-up drain assembly. Models featuring "830" in the number have a chrome finish, while "734" models came in polished brass. Models beginning with a "Y" were part of the Colourburst Collection and were available in chrome, white, almond, red, and black. Copper sweat connections were standard, but several models also had the option of IPS connections. Model numbers beginning with a "C" were part of Valley's "Pro" line - they were the same as the other models except they used a ceramic cartridge instead of Valley's standard.

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View Y18301 specs
View CL805/830 specs
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View NV734/830 specs
View NA734/805/830 specs
View NC734/805/830 specs
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The Valley faucets shown on this page are no longer available.
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Single hole mounted bathroom faucet in three handle styles - acrylic teardrop, acrylic round, or metal lever. Models with the number "5514" came complete with pop-up drain assembly, shampoo spray, and soap dispenser. Models "5214" feature only the drain and shampoo spray, while models "5014" came with only the pop-up drain. Copper sweat connections were standard, but IPS connections were available as an option on all models.

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Budget centerset lavatory faucet with round acrylic handle and hybrid pop-up drain assembly.

View KA805/830 specs

Plastic centerset lavatory faucet with round acrylic handle and plastic pop-up drain assembly.

View PA734/805/830 specs

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Please note: Although many parts we have available on our Valley parts pages are made from the same molds used by the original manufacturer, Valley is no longer in business - so warranty coverage on existing products is no longer available. Parts that we offer fall under our standard policy.

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