Some Of Our Founder's Vacations

Vic has been fortunate enough to enjoy trips to lovely places around the world

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"My father was an amazing man.
The older I got, the smarter he got."

- Mark Twain

Mahaulepu Kauai Hawaii Vic on his favorite beach Maha'ulepu on Kauai island, Hawaii (Oct. 2010)

Shanghai China Vic and wife visiting Shanghai China.

Geoffrey Spencer J.M. Plumbing Services in St. Kitts Visiting with Geoffrey Spencer of J.M. Plumbing Services LTD
on the beautiful island of St. Kitts in the east Caribbean.

Kitchen and Bath store on the island of Domenica Visiting a Kitchen and Bath store on the island of Domenica.

Royal Clipper - Vic doing yoga Vic in yoga pose in front of the Royal Clipper - he cruised on it for 2 weeks in 2010.

island of Iles Des Saintes On the beautiful island of Iles Des Saintes (in 2010).

Fort George in Grenada In front of Fort George in Grenada (2010 - in the eastern Caribbean)

Maui Hawai checking out the plumbing of the Hawaiian islands Vic and family 2009 in Maui, Hawaii

Tahiti Practicing yoga in Tahiti (Society Islands) in 2008

Moorea Moorea 2008 (French Polynesia)

Amsterdam, Netherlandsa 2008 In Amsterdam, Netherlands ("Holland") 2008 pointing to Dutch plumbing contractor's vehicle

Key West Florida 2008 Key West, Florida 2008

Kaui Hawaii 2007 Kauai, Hawaii 2007

Amalfi coast Italy 2007 Amalfi Coast, Italy 2007

Bareclona Spain 2006 Barcelona, Spain 2006

Mykonos, Greece 2006 Island of Mykonos, Greece 2006

Sydney Australia 2006 Vic, wife and sons in Sydney, Australia 2006

China 2006 Beijing, China 2006

heart attack 2005
Vic had a heart attack in 2005. After reflecting on the heart attack event Vic says that: "This was one of the best events in my life as it forced me to rethink and reflect on what is most important in my life. I am thrilled that I survived the heart attack and that after that terrible event I now see the world and my life in a much different and much more appreciative point of view. EVERY day is a great day to be alive and I very much treasure each moment. I also feel so fortunate to continue to be able to be part of this wonderful Company that I started and to see it continue to blossom as well as all of our loyal employees who have helped make us what we are today."

Vic and sons in Alkmaar, Holland 1997 Alkmaar, Netherlands 1997

Vic, Gary, and Hill Vic, Hill, and Gary in Hawaii - 1997

Vic's Sons The sons of the world's largest Internet plumbing supplier in front of the world's largest tree
- Sequoia National Forest - 1996 -

Vic & Family In the San Juan Islands - 1995 (Lopez Island - near Seattle, Washington)

Friends & Family Vic's sons and friend Gary and Gary's daughters - 1995

Vic & Sandy Vic and wife Sandy in Mexico, Punta Bete, Quintana Roo (below Cancun) - 1991

Vic Costa Rica Vic and family in Costa Rica - 2013

Vic Switzerland Vic in beautiful Lucerne Switzerland - 2015

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