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Ceramic Water Closets History Book

This well-written book is a great addition to the bathroom "library".
Click here for Munroe Blair's "Bathroom Ceramics" history book.

toilet history book

picture above is on the front cover of Ceramic Water Closet

Ceramic Water Closets - book

The most comprehensive and best book that we have found about the history of porcelain toilets.

This excellent book is published in England and is written by Munroe Blair. It contains nearly 100 photos/pictures and 40 pages.

This book traces the history and evolution of ceramic water closets (aka: toilets) through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with emphasis on changing designs, decorative styles and fashion trends, supported by explanatory diagrams and many original illustrations.

"Ceramic Water Closet" history book = $9.84

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very old water closet

picture above is on page 5 of Ceramic Water Closet by Munroe Blair

Click here to see Munroe Blair's "Bathroom Ceramics" history book.

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