Use the table below to convert from one unit to another.

For example, to convert FROM centimeters TO inches, you would find centimeters in the first column, see that it converts to inches in the second column, which tells you to MULTIPLY BY 0.3937 to get the conversion value.

You can also do this in reverse by finding a unit in the second column and converting to the unit in the first column. Using our same example, to convert FROM inches TO centimeters, you would DIVIDE BY the same number.

BTU per Hour Watts 0.2931
BTU per Minute Horsepower 0.02356
Centimeters Inches 0.3937
Cubic Feet Gallons (U.S.) 7.48052
Feet Meters 0.3048
Feet Miles 0.0001894
Feet of Water PSI (Lbs./Sq. Inch) 0.4335
Gallons (U.S.) Cubic Feet 0.1337
Gallons of Water Pounds of Water 8.3453
Horsepower Foot-Pounds/Minute 33,000
Horsepower Watts 745.7
Inches Centimeters 2.54
Inches/Mercury (Hg) PSI (Lbs./Sq. Inch) 0.4912
Inches of Water PSI (Lbs./Sq. Inch) 0.03613
Liters Cubic Centimeters 1000
Liters Gallons (U.S.) 0.2642
Micron Inches 0.00004
Miles (Statute) Feet 5280
Ounces (Weight) Pounds 0.0625
Pints (Liquid) Quarts (Liquid) 0.5
Pounds Grams 453.59
Pounds Ounces 16
PSI (Lbs./Sq. Inch) Feet of Water 2.307
PSI (Lbs./Inch) Inches/Mercury (Hg) 2.036
Quarts Gallons (U.S.) 0.25
Temperature (° F - 32) Temperature (° C) 0.5555
Tons (U.S.) Pounds 2000
Watts Horsepower 0.001341

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