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Steamist Steam Generator Cross Reference

Steamist and another brand Cross Reference Chart

We offer these excellent quality Steamist steam generators.
Use this chart to find what we believe to be a comparable unit from Steamist.

Steamist and another brand Cross Reference Chart


Instead of ordering
these units by another manufacturer
Order these quality
products by Steamist
AK-5 SM-5 or SM-46
AK-7 SM-7 or SM-79
AK-10 SM-11 *
AK-17 SM-System 18 **
AK-20 SM-System 24 ***
AK-30 SM-System 30

* other manufacturer = 10KW, Steamist = 11KW
** other manufacturer = 17KW, Steamist = 18KW
*** other manufacturer = 20KW, Steamist = 24KW

The above cross-reference is based on actual kilowatt power equivalents. Cubic feet ratings vary between other manufacturers and Steamist.


other manufacturer Steamist
K-30 TC-135
K-60 DSC-425

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