Triple Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sinks

When you need more options for meal prep, you've come to the right place! We at ® are pleased to offer these triple bowl kitchen sinks - perfect for today's busy kitchen. You can have something thawing in one sink, you can be rinsing something else off in another, and you can use the disposer in the third - all without having to move anything around. Your next sink could be right here!

Houzer Large Designer Triple Bowl Sinks

Houzer three bowl kitchen sink
These triple bowl kitchen sinks feature:
  • Two large bowls & one small bowl - small bowl is perfect for rinsing vegetables or adding a garbage disposer, large bowls are great for pots and pans
  • Fully coated underside insulates for sound and reduces condensation
  • High grade 18 gauge stainless steel construction
  • Lustrous satin finish with highlighted rim
  • Includes cutout template and fastening clips

Overall Dimensions Left Bowl Center Bowl Right Bowl Price & Quantity
39-13/16" x 20-3/16" 14-1/16" x 18"
9" depth
7-1/8" x 15-3/4"
5-1/2" depth
14-1/16" x 15-3/4"
8" depth
Optional Accessories
Large Stainless Steel Wire Sink Grid - for left bowl $31.33
Mid-Size Stainless Steel Wire Sink Grid - for right bowl $28.33
Small Stainless Steel Wire Sink Grid - for center bowl $28.63
Hardwood In-the-Sink Cutting Board - fits large left bowl $49.95
Hardwood In-the-Sink Cutting Board - fits mid-size right bowl $68.78
Deluxe Basket Strainer - Satin Stainless Steel - Fits 3-1/2" drain openings $25.82

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What does the gauge mean?"
A. During the manufacturing process, stainless steel sinks are "stamped" into shape. That means that the material stretches and therefore the corners can be very thin. We suggest at least 20 gauge and preferably 18 gauge. The lower the number, the thicker the material. In our opinion, 22 gauge is bare minimum - builder quality.

Q. "What kind of faucet do you recommend with these triple bowl sinks?"
A. Because the faucet will need to reach all three bowls and extend a fair distance, we recommend choosing a faucet with a reach of at least 12 inches. Another option would be a faucet with a slightly shorter reach and a pull-out spray head that can help you rinse dishes or fill pots at a distance. When choosing your faucet, you'll also want to take into consideration how far away from the edge of the sink your faucet will be installed as that distance can affect how long your spout needs to be.

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