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Sewage Grinder Systems

by Little Giant

Serious pumps for serious jobs can be found here at®. Having a grinder pump that is efficient and durable is a must, and these Magnum Series pumps will take care of your toughest job. Check out our extensive selection of pumps here.

GP-A Series Grinder Pumps

These automatic grinder pumps feature a remote float switch for automatic operation combined with a heavy-duty, two capacitor motor. This centrifugal pump is ideal for light commercial or residential applications. Patented design feature anti-roping, self-classing cutters engineered with close clearances between the rotary and stationary cutters, resulting in better grinding, lower amps, and fewer relay engagements.

Little Giant Grinder Pump GP-A
  • 2 HP single phase, capacitor start/run motor with built-in overload protection for over-current and over-temperature damage, 3450 RPM - handles the demands of grinding domestic sewage
  • Brass impeller is balanced, has 7 vanes, is angle faced for non-clogging performance
  • Tight cutting clearances for better cutting action
  • Maximum Head: 130'
  • Epoxy coated cast iron finish for corrosion resistance and durability
  • Externally mounted start components
  • Carbon/ceramic shaft seal
  • 1-1/4" discharge
  • Includes leg kit
  • Cord length - 20'
  • View performance curve chart

Description GPM Full Load Amps/Watts Volts Price & Quantity
GP Series Grinder Pump 32@20' 13.9/3200 230 $1,295.29
Due to weight and to ensure safe delivery, these pumps ship by truck and have a $175 additional shipping fee per freight item.
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Junction Box Alarm Kit - for GP Series Automatic Grinder Pumps

Grinder pump box alarm kit
  • Non-corrosive PVC enclosure
  • Hinged cover for convenience
  • 25 Amp pump circuit breaker
  • 3 Amp alarm circuit breaker
  • PVC enclosure is resistant to moisture,
    wind, flame and ultra-violet rays
  • Flashing alarm beacon
  • Labeled terminal block
  • 20' alarm float switch

Junction Box Alarm Kit - $387.26

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Weighted Control Floats With 20' Cord

Control float switch
  • Mechanically activated contacts
  • Not sensitive to rotation
  • 5 Amp, 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • 20' cord length

Description Price & Quantity
Weighted Control Float Switch $56.11
Weighted Control Float Switch with Cable Clamp $42.63

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Grinder Pump Accessory and Repair Kits

Grinder Cutter Kit
grinder cutter kit
Grinder leg kit
grinder leg kit

Description Price & Quantity
Leg Kit for GP Series Grinders - Includes 3 stainless steel support legs and stainless steel hardware - raises pump inlet approx. 4" off surface for solids entry clearance $70.70
Capacitor/Relay Repair Kit for GP-A Automatic Pump - Includes start capacitor, run capacitor, start relay, capacitor bracket, and end caps $82.14
Grinder Cutter Kit - rotating and stationary replacement cutters $161.90

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Grinder Basin/Cover Assemblies

These basins are designed for use in conjunction with Little Giant's series of grinder pumps. Basins come configured for hard pipe installation or with an all stainless steel rail system. Floats and junction box are sold separately. A leg kit must be used with the grinder for a hard pipe configuration for pump support.

System Type Construction Material Basin Size Price & Quantity
Hard Piped Fiberglass 24" x 48" $1,188.77
Hard Piped Fiberglass 24" x 60" $1,274.85

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