Ashfield Series Kitchen Faucet Repair Parts

for Price Pfister

Keep your attractive Ashfield Kitchen Faucet working smoothly for many years to come with repair parts and components from your repair parts source,®! If you need handles or cartridges, we've got what you're looking for. Looking for more parts for Price Pfister fixtures? Visit our page.

Kitchen Faucet Repair Parts For Price Pfister Ashfield 26 Series
"Old Style" (pre-2010)

Price Pfister Ashfield faucet parts

Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 940-780Y Handle - Tuscan Bronze $41.58 Enter a quantity and
2 971-130 Handle Set Screw $4.90 Enter a quantity and
3 941-750A Cap For Retainer Nut - Chrome $4.85 Enter a quantity and
4 931-900 Plastic retainer nut - replaced by 941-7110 (brass) $15.73 Enter a quantity and
5 974-035 Cartridge (35mm dia.) $24.29 Enter a quantity and
6 920-527 Spout Assembly Discontinued
7 950-006 Aerator Seal $5.30 Enter a quantity and
8 941-104 Aerator - Brushed Nickel - Replaced by 941-488J $10.97 Enter a quantity and
9 950-590 O-Ring $1.46 Enter a quantity and
10 950-117 Shank Spacer Discontinued
11 950-200 Flange Washer $1.46 Enter a quantity and
12 960-145 Flange Assembly Discontinued
13 931-600 Locknut $8.87 Enter a quantity and
14 950-111 Clip $4.41 Enter a quantity and
15 951-039 Plastic Diverter Assembly $14.91 Enter a quantity and
16 951-071 Side Spray Sub Assembly Discontinued
Price Pfister Ashfield faucet parts
Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
17 951-070 Side Spray - Chrome Discontinued
Side Spray - Brushed Nickel $26.18
Side Spray - Rustic Pewter $27.48
Side Spray - Tuscan Bronze $58.03 Enter a quantity and
18 920-526J Soap Dispenser - Brushed Nickel $39.36
920-526Y Soap Dispenser - Tuscan Bronze Discontinued
19 920-525U Dispenser Head Only - Rustic Bronze $51.98
920-525Y Dispenser Head Only - Tuscan Bronze $59.71 Enter a quantity and
20 931-002 Soap Dispenser Pump Only - Replaced by S31-002 Discontinued
21 961-043 Hose Guide Discontinued
22 950-004 Soap Bottle Only $6.99 Enter a quantity and
23 962-001 Mounting Kit $1.99 Enter a quantity and

Don't know if you have an old or new style 26 series? Check your cartridge!

Price Pfister Ashfield 531 Series Pull-Out Bridge-Style Kitchen Faucet Repair Parts

Price Pfister Ashfield pull-out kitchen faucet parts

Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 940-973 Hot Handle Assembly Discontinued
2 971-034 Handle Set Screw Discontinued
3 941-921 Screw Cap Discontinued
4 940-972 Cold Handle Assembly Discontinued
5 910-008 Stem Extension Discontinued
6 910-0310 Hot Ceramic Cartridge - #910-0310 replaces #910-024 $9.54 Enter a quantity and
7 910-0320 Cold Ceramic Cartridge - #910-0320 replaces #910-025 $9.53 Enter a quantity and
8 951-092C Hose Guide - Gray $2.09 Enter a quantity and
9 951-092B Hose Guide - Black $2.09 Enter a quantity and
10 900-002 Hot Valve Stem Assembly Discontinued
11 900-003 Cold Valve Stem Assembly Discontinued
12 950-540 Pull Out Spray Head only Discontinued
13 941-712 Aerator Screen & Washer - Replaced by 941-292 $9.94 Enter a quantity and
14 951-075 Check Valve Discontinued
15 950-121 Flange $4.41 Enter a quantity and
16 960-077 Stem Assembly Body Flange Discontinued
17 974-053 Spout Shank Washer Discontinued
18 931-041 Locknut $2.14 Enter a quantity and
19 941-713B Aerator Discontinued
20 950-122 Hose Weight Discontinued
21 951-074 Spray Hose for Pull-Out Spout $49.88 Enter a quantity and
22 950-025 Spray Clip $1.65 Enter a quantity and
23 951-077 Hose Sub Assembly $9.98 Enter a quantity and

Price Pfister Ashfield New Style Kitchen Faucet Repair Parts

Price Pfister Ashfield 26 series new-style kitchen faucet26 Series New Style
Price Pfister Ashfield single handle pull-down kitchen faucetSingle Handle Pulldown
Price Pfister Ashfield bar/prep faucetBar & Prep

Replacement Cartridge for Price Pfister Kitchen Faucets - #974-074 = $15.79

Enter a quantity and

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How do you tell the difference between the old style and new style Ashfield 26 series?"
A. Price Pfister modified this model mostly along the waterway in compliance with California's AB1953 low lead legislation. So, if you purchased your Ashfield 26 series near when it was originally released (it was noted as "new" in the 2006 catalogs), you definitely have an "old style". If you purchased it within the last couple of years, you should have a "new style". If you purchased your Ashfield kitchen faucet between 2009 and 2011, you could have either style. To determine which style you have, Price Pfister recommends measuring the cartridge since the old and new style cartridges are distinctly different. "Old style" cartridges measure approximately 35mm in diameter, while "new style" cartridges measure approximately 25mm in diameter.

Q. "How do you remove the cartridge on the single handle control faucet?"
A. First, make sure your hot and cold water supplies are turned off. Take the handle off by unscrewing the set screw and pulling the handle straight up. Once the handle is removed you will need to remove the cap (also known as a bonnet nut) by unscrewing it counter clockwise. The cap can be very tight and difficult to unscrew and the use of a strap wrench can help you remove it without scratching or marring the finish. Now unscrew the plastic retainer nut. A 1-9/32" socket (available in the 5 Piece Socket Wrench Set) can be very helpful in removing the #931-900 retainer nut. After the retainer nut is removed, the cartridge can be pulled straight out. Once the cartridge is removed it is best to flush the lines before inserting the new cartridge.

Q. "What tools should I have before I begin installing my faucet?"
A. Some common tools are: basin wrench, adjustable wrench, faucet grease, PTFE tape, and flashlight. You may also need an allen wrench to remove the set screw from the handle.

Q. "Why do you show many part numbers, but you only show a few parts that can actually be purchased?"
A. Many of the part numbers we show have been discontinued and are no longer available. The parts that we show for purchase are the most commonly replaced parts for these faucets which are still available.

Q. "I just installed a new cartridge and the faucet is still leaking water out of the spout. Should I replace the spout?"
A. No, you will not need to replace the spout. If water is leaking out of the spout then water is leaking through the cartridge. Usually this is caused by some kind of debris or dirt in the hot or cold lines supplying water to the faucet. If the water supply lines are not flushed out prior to installing the cartridge then when the water is turned back on any dirt or debris will flow into the cartridge and could cause the cartridge not to close properly and cause a leak.

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