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Brant Point Collection by Nantucket

Nothing evokes classic elegance quite so well as porcelain - which is partly why it has been a bathroom design staple for so long. The smooth lines and clean white color lend themselves well to a variety of styles and palettes, making these sinks highly versatile and perfect for almost any home. Choose from a traditional basin style or add some flair with a modern cubist square. Whatever your design direction, we're sure these quality sinks by Nantucket will help get you there.

Stylish above-counter vitreous china sink example
All of the lovely sinks on this page feature:
  • Stylish above-counter design and neutral white color that complements both traditional and modern design styles
  • Durable vitreous construction with easy-to-maintain finish
  • Naturally mildew- and bacteria-resistant to help keep your bathroom cleaner
  • Chip and stain resistant glaze for strong, long-lasting beauty

Round & Oval Bathroom Sinks with Overflow

Nantucket oval ceramic above-counter sinkOval - NSV305
Nantucket round ceramic above-counter sinkRound - NSV218
Nantucket round straight-sided ceramic above-counter sinkRound - NSV213

Model Overall Size Height Bowl Size Bowl Depth Drain Size Price & Quantity
NSV305 23-1/4" x 15-1/4"
13" x 8-5/8" base
7-3/4" 22" x 14-3/8"
12" x 8" base
4-3/4" 1-1/2" $178.74
NSV218 16-3/4" diameter
9" diameter base
7-1/2" 14-1/2" diameter
8" diameter base
5-1/2" 1-1/2" $179.74
NSV213 16-1/2" diameter 6-3/4" 14-3/4" diameter 5" 1-1/2" $159.44

Bathroom Sink Drains

Model Description Finish Price & Quantity
NS-UDC-OF Umbrella Vanity Drain for Sinks WITH Overflow
- fits 1-1/2" openings - view dimensions
Chrome $37.51
NS-UDBN-OF Brushed Nickel $37.54

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Square & Rectangular Bathroom Sinks without Overflow

Nantucket square ceramic above-counter sinkSquare - NSV107A
Nantucket square ceramic above-counter sink with taperTapered Square - NSV109
Nantucket rectangular ceramic above-counter sinkRectangle - NSV105

Model Overall Size Height Bowl Size Bowl Depth Drain Size Price & Quantity
NSV107A 15" square
14-3/4" square base
5-1/4" 13-5/8" square
11-1/4" square base
4-3/4" 1-1/2" $159.80
NSV109 16-1/8" square
11-1/8" square base
4-1/4" 14-1/2" square
9-5/8" square base
3-5/8" 1-1/2" $179.45
NSV105 19" x 14-7/8" 5-1/4" 18-1/8" x 14" 4-3/4" 1-1/2" $177.75

Bathroom Sink Drains

Model Description Finish Price & Quantity
NS-UDC Umbrella Vanity Drain for Sinks WITHOUT Overflow
8" height with 2-1/2" top (fits 1-1/2" openings)
Chrome $37.50
NS-UDBN Brushed Nickel $37.49

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What's the difference between vitreous china, porcelain, fire clay, ceramic, etc.?"
A. There are many terms used to describe white "clay" bathroom fixtures - sometimes the terms are interchangeable and sometimes they are not. For instance, vitreous china and porcelain are essentially the same thing. Vitreous china/porcelain sinks are made by baking a refined mixture of clay and other minerals at a high temperature after glazing. Vitreous china/porcelain is naturally mildew- and bacteria-resistant with a non-porous surface that is ideal for maintaining sanitation - hence it is commonly used for lavatory sinks and toilets. Fire clay, on the other hand, is also molded from a clay and mineral mixture, but it is fired at a higher temperature than vitreous china/porcelain which gives it greater resistance to heat. While fire clay is most often used for kitchen farmhouse sinks, some bathroom sinks are also made of fire clay. Ceramic is sometimes used interchangeably with fireclay, vitreous china, or porcelain, and simply refers to a style of fixture that is molded from clay and baked.

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